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Wisconsin: Cows Predict The Weather

20 Feb

In Wisconsin you don’t need to watch the weather on TV or look it up on the internet.  If the cows are laying down, it means it’s going to rain.

There Are Four Types of Breasts!

20 Feb

I did not know this!  I learned this from a 1950’s publication.  Thank you for educating me!

Your Self

19 Feb

Wisconsin: Frank Lloyd Wright – Robert Lamp House

18 Feb

One person who makes Wisconsin bearable for me is Frank Lloyd Wright, who was born here, and his prairie craftsman architecture is predominant throughout Wisconsin.  There are a lot of beautiful prairie craftsman buildings here.  This house is hidden in downtown Madison.  It isn’t well-maintained (pity) and is occupied by UW students.

I walked all the way around the house and then saw and read this plaque.

Quizno’s Sub Sandwich Bag Packaging – Green and Clever!

17 Feb

My son and I like Quizno’s subs.  When we went there last weekend (cost $8 total – $4 each), I loved the clever zipper packaging on their bag.

Here is a close-up:

You can make a placemat out of it!  Love it!

Buddha Butter Dish

13 Feb

I think this butter dish is so cute.  I loyally use my Fiesta butter dish that I have been using for at least 10 years.  My sister Heather read this post and bought me this butter dish!!

Buddha Butter Dish $21

Betsy Johnson Bracelet

12 Feb

This Betsy Johnson bracelet was in the jewelry section of the Boston Store—originally $45 but on sale for $18.  I didn’t buy it but that’s ok.

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