Prescriptions In Wisconsin #prescriptions #wisconsin

I went to my doctor and asked her if I could get three months worth of prescriptions at a time.  She didn’t flinch and said YES.  She set it up in her computer and voilà, it’s done!  Now I only have to go to the pharmacy every three months.  This will save a lot of my time and gas!  She made it SO EASY.

Wisconsin medical care is excellent!

Spring Green, Wisconsin Arts and Crafts Fair #springgreen #wisconsin

I went to the Spring Green Arts and Crafts Fair when I first moved to Wisconsin, 4 years ago.  I loved it.  I finally made it back there yesterday.  Here is the link to their web site:

Of course when I got to Spring Green I really had to pee.  The first thing I saw were the fancy portable toilets so I used one.  Then I went to wash my hands.  I held my hands under the faucet but nothing happened.  No water came out!  What the hell!  How do you get water out of these things?  So I had to watch someone else to see what they did.  You put your foot on a little pedal thing, hit it a few times and water squirts out.

No, this isn’t a piece of art.

Geez, I was so excited to tell you about the running water that I forgot to put this photo in first, of what it looks like.  It’s very pretty there and I highly recommend coming here next year!  If you are a tourist, come to this Fair!

The General Store Cafe

There were lots of fast food stands to eat at while walking along the Arts and Crafts Fair.  Like corn on the cob and brats.  Off the beaten path is the wonderful General Store Cafe.  It has a great vibe, excellent food, lovely clothes and other fun tchotchkes (this is the first time I have ever typed that word) to buy.

The General Store

137 South Albany Street

Spring Green, WI 53588

(608) 588-7070


I’m going to talk about a few of my favorite artists.  I’m saving my favorite for last.

Bauman Stoneware

I didn’t talk to the creator of this lovely pottery, John Bauman, but I was watching him and he seemed like a down-to-earth person.  His stoneware was fantastic quality in person!

Bauman Stoneware

506 S. Zimmer Road

Warsaw, IN  46580



Steven Kozar

By Steven Kozar. “Rainy Street Scene in Autumn” watercolor on paper 5.75″ x 12″

Steven Kozar’s realistic paintings look like photographs.  Even up close and in person they look like a photo.  I think people say that to him all the time…”Is this really a painting?”  Because I heard someone say that to him (wonder who?) and he was not thrilled about it.  Some of the price tags on his original paintings were around $4900.  I think they are completely worth it! Be sure to look at the gallery of his paintings on his web site.  This guy’s talent is unbelievable!  (I took this photo from his web site.)

Steven Kozar

McFarland, WI



Lenny Nagler

By Lenny Nagler – Painted near Dodgeville, WI
By Lenny Nagler

Lenny Nagler was a super nice guy and let me take pictures of his paintings.  His prices were reasonable too.  When I get some extra money some day, I am going to buy one of his paintings! His paintings are of a certain style but I can’t remember what the style is!  Tell me what his style is!

Lenny Nagler

932 E. Commercial St

Appleton, WI  54911



Susie Engwall

Bracelet by Susie Engwall

I love this bracelet!  Someone buy it for me!  I have ordered beads from her before.  Many of her beads fit on the Pandora-style bracelets.

Another Susie Engwall bracelet. I took this photo from her site.

I would love to buy a bunch of her beads and have a bracelet of only her beads!

Susie Engwall

Waunakee, WI


Amy Arnold

My Favorite!

Let’s start with these darling pot holders using remnants from her projects.

Amy Arnold’s pot holders. $15 each.
Even the colors and textures of Amy’s display walls are beautiful!
By Amy Arnold

Amy recently started carving wood and look at the results!  Someone buy me one of these!

Amy Arnold

S3638 Offerdahl Ln

Viroqua, WI  54665



If you are going to visit Wisconsin, Spring Green is one of my favorite towns. 

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Wisconsin Toilets #kohler

I was at a softball game and had to use the facilities.  When I went into the ladies bathroom was I shocked to see that the Kohler toilet didn’t have a lid on it!  At first I wasn’t sure about using it, but I saw that the seat was smaller than other toilet seats.  When I was finished, I ended up LOVING this lid-less toilet!

Why do we really need the lid?  It’s just one more thing that gets dirty and us women (sorry to be sexist here but how many men do you know who clean toilets?) have to clean up all the yuck. 

No more, “Honey, put the toilet seat up before you pee.”


“Honey, put the toilet seat down after you are done peeing!”

I think it’s a BRILLIANT idea and the next time we buy a new toilet, we are getting one of these!

The lid is useless! 

Gotta hand it to Kohler for being innovative!