Wisconsin Toilets #kohler

17 Jun

I was at a softball game and had to use the facilities.  When I went into the ladies bathroom was I shocked to see that the Kohler toilet didn’t have a lid on it!  At first I wasn’t sure about using it, but I saw that the seat was smaller than other toilet seats.  When I was finished, I ended up LOVING this lid-less toilet!

Why do we really need the lid?  It’s just one more thing that gets dirty and us women (sorry to be sexist here but how many men do you know who clean toilets?) have to clean up all the yuck. 

No more, “Honey, put the toilet seat up before you pee.”


“Honey, put the toilet seat down after you are done peeing!”

I think it’s a BRILLIANT idea and the next time we buy a new toilet, we are getting one of these!

The lid is useless! 

Gotta hand it to Kohler for being innovative!


5 Responses to “Wisconsin Toilets #kohler”

  1. fhfrances September 6, 2012 at 3:08 am #

    Kohler truly lives up to its name as it innovates their items and aside from producing quality and innovative toilets, Kohler also produces acrylic bathtubs and other kinds of bathroom needs.

  2. Jigiliglee June 17, 2012 at 8:34 pm #

    A suggestion though cause you may not know… Please put the lid down in the Lav
    On airplanes Before you flush!! Because it
    Sprays everything up!!! Yak!!!


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