Kohler Design Center – Kohler, Wisconsin #kohler #wisconsin

7 Jul

We went on a day trip to the Kohler Design Center in Kohler, Wisconsin.  We also went to the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, but I will talk about that in another post.  We did not go to the John Kohler Factory Tour but we will another time.

The Kohler Design Center shows off all Kohler fixtures for kitchens and bathrooms.

It was fabulous!

It was fun to get ideas for our kitchen and bathroom.

My husband liked the marble counters in this kitchen and we both liked the large, one basin kitchen sink.  We have a stainless steel double basin sink, and I have always liked single basins better.

For the bathroom, we loved this contemporary square sink.  We are very content with our sinks in our bathroom though.

I liked this bathroom sink a lot, but it’s stainless steel and if someone scratched it, I would have a melt down.  It looks kinda hard to clean too.

Upstairs in the Kohler Design Center, there were rooms that were just like real kitchens and bathrooms.  They even had running water.  This pottery head vase was in a bathroom that was rococo style.  It was really fun.  Do you think this is a Jonathan Adler vase?

I love Jonathan Adler!

But we are talking about Kohler now.

I couldn’t believe how the water entered the tub in this bathroom:

From the ceiling!

I had to draw arrows so you can see the water stream.  So unique!

This was my FAVORITE room.  It reminded me of a loft in Manhattan.  Take a nice bath in the very arty tub and lay naked on the lounge.  Dreamy!

In the basement of the Kohler Design Center was a museum of bathroom and kitchen items.  It also had original oil paintings of ads from the 1920’s.


Kohler Design Center

101 Upper Road

Kohler, WI  53044

Phone: 920.457.3699

The content of this post was not generated to make money.  I am not being paid for this content. 


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