Kalahari Resort – Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin #kalahariresorts

23 Aug

When my son’s best friend visits us each summer in Wisconsin, I take them to Kalahari Resorts Water Park in the Wisconsin Dells.  We arrive when it opens so I can find a place to sit that is in the shade.  I bring magazines and a book to read.  You can check out the ticket prices on their web site, but for the two young adults it cost $37 each.  I was happy to learn that they have a “spectator” ticket for $10 and that is what I was when I went there on Tuesday.  It saved me $27!

I think it’s a safe and clean place.  I just plop down in my shady chair and the boys run around indoors and outdoors.

It would be fun to rent a cabana there and hang with my family.

This is my son’s friend.  Behind him, you can see how nice the outdoor park is.

If you get there early enough, you can swim laps in one of the pools.

I think all water parks should have a pool where people who like to swim and exercise can swim laps.

In this photo I want you to concentrate on the nice jacuzzi and stone work behind the two young adults.  I did not ask them to make those gestures.

Kalahari Resort

1305 Kalahari Drive

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin  53965


The content of this post was not generated to make money.  I am not being paid for this content.


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