Quilt Expo 2012 Madison, Wisconsin – Part 2 #quiltexpo #nancyzieman

To view Part 1 of my quilt photos from Quilt Expo, click here.

Here are more glorious quilts.  I went on their web site and there are photos of the winning quilts so I have included the quilt creators’ names when I can.  But I took photos of a lot of quilts that did not win awards, but they won the Critic Housewife award.  Next year I hope to include everyone’s names.

First Place Hand Quilted Bed Size – Country Charm, Sharon Berger, La Crosse, WI

Third Place Hand Quilted Bed Size – Reflection/Refraction, Janet W. Wayne, Madison, WI

Kay Franzen, Delavan, WI
Detail of quilt below

This quilt is made with selvages. This quilter must have a ton of fabric!

This quilt was the Viewer’s Choice Award.  Turtle Bay, Claudia Pfiel, Krefeld, Germany
You can see the scale of Turtle Bay here.

Quilt Expo 2012 Madison, Wisconsin #quiltexpo #nancyzieman

On September 7, 2012 I went to the fabulous Quilt Expo in Madison, Wisconsin.  On the Nancy Zieman show I think I heard her say that 72,000 people attended.  Quilting is HUGE here in Madison.  I saw tons of people in buses unloading and going into the venue.  It cost $6 to park and $7 to get a ticket to go inside.  If you don’t bring a snack, it will cost at least $7 to purchase food at the concession stand.  It’s worth every penny!  Viewing all the machine and hand-made quilts in person were migraine inducing!  The details…oy!

Love the scalloped edges.

The turtle and rabbit is one of my favorites.  Unfortunately I am very bad about giving credit to the quilt makers, but here you can see from the tag it’s by Barbara McKie of Lyme, Connecticut.  Here is the detail:

Bryce Canyon is by Susan Jackan of Madison, Wisconsin.

Here is a detail photo:

It’s funny…speaking of migraines…I have one right now!  It…really…sucks!

This was quite amazing to see in person.  Here is the detail:

Here is the detail – Second place:

Starry starry night

The Buddha quilt was one of my favorites.

You can buy this kit. Loved it!

My dog was just barking in a really annoying way and I screamed,”Get into your quilt!”  Instead of, “Get into your crate!”

This quilt was a big hit!  Here is the detail:

A masterpiece!


Very special!  Third place by A MAN:  Mark L. Sherman, Coral Springs, Florida.  Called Bounty. Here is the detail:

So, so good!

This is pretty amazing.  It looks very three-dimensional, doesn’t it?  Here is a detail:

Wow is all I can say…

I hope you have enjoyed these as much as I have.  I will do another post of other quilts hopefully tomorrow when my migraine is gone.  I just get so excited to share with you!

Thank you for looking at my Critic Housewife Blog!  xoxo

Delicious Zucchini Bread #zucchinibread

Saturday I made zucchini bread for a barn party.

I couldn’t believe I put the zucchini loaf on my windowsill (like in a movie from the 1940’s), but I needed it to cool off quickly because I was late for the party.

Here is how it looked after we ate some of it:

It’s weird to put a vegetable in a dessert.  I picked a big zucchini from my garden and ground it up in the food processor.  It’s the zucchini in the post with my dog.  Bye bye zucchini but many more where that came from…

Here is the recipe.  It makes two loaves:

It’s from a recent Penzey’s recipe, but I cut way down on the sugar of the original recipe.  Between the chocolate chips, applesauce and bananas, it only needs one cup of sugar.  If you have not heard of Penzey’s, it’s a fabulous spice, herb and seasoning store.


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Scanned Art For The House #scan

I was looking through an old needlepoint magazine.  No, I don’t knit or crochet but I respect those who do; I can only handle so much.  I loved the needlepoint photo of “God Bless Our Pad.”  It was a needlepoint project in the magazine.  So I scanned it, printed it on good photo paper, and framed it.  I bought the frame at Target.

When you scan your favorite images from magazines, you can have all kinds of cool art work for your house.

You can find good frames cheap at thrift stores!