Quilt Expo 2012 Madison, Wisconsin #quiltexpo #nancyzieman

22 Sep

On September 7, 2012 I went to the fabulous Quilt Expo in Madison, Wisconsin.  On the Nancy Zieman show I think I heard her say that 72,000 people attended.  Quilting is HUGE here in Madison.  I saw tons of people in buses unloading and going into the venue.  It cost $6 to park and $7 to get a ticket to go inside.  If you don’t bring a snack, it will cost at least $7 to purchase food at the concession stand.  It’s worth every penny!  Viewing all the machine and hand-made quilts in person were migraine inducing!  The details…oy!

Love the scalloped edges.

The turtle and rabbit is one of my favorites.  Unfortunately I am very bad about giving credit to the quilt makers, but here you can see from the tag it’s by Barbara McKie of Lyme, Connecticut.  Here is the detail:

Bryce Canyon is by Susan Jackan of Madison, Wisconsin.

Here is a detail photo:

It’s funny…speaking of migraines…I have one right now!  It…really…sucks!

This was quite amazing to see in person.  Here is the detail:

Here is the detail – Second place:

Starry starry night

The Buddha quilt was one of my favorites.

You can buy this kit. Loved it!

My dog was just barking in a really annoying way and I screamed,”Get into your quilt!”  Instead of, “Get into your crate!”

This quilt was a big hit!  Here is the detail:

A masterpiece!


Very special!  Third place by A MAN:  Mark L. Sherman, Coral Springs, Florida.  Called Bounty. Here is the detail:

So, so good!

This is pretty amazing.  It looks very three-dimensional, doesn’t it?  Here is a detail:

Wow is all I can say…

I hope you have enjoyed these as much as I have.  I will do another post of other quilts hopefully tomorrow when my migraine is gone.  I just get so excited to share with you!

Thank you for looking at my Critic Housewife Blog!  xoxo


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