Quilt Expo 2012 Madison, Wisconsin – Part 2 #quiltexpo #nancyzieman

29 Sep

To view Part 1 of my quilt photos from Quilt Expo, click here.

Here are more glorious quilts.  I went on their web site and there are photos of the winning quilts so I have included the quilt creators’ names when I can.  But I took photos of a lot of quilts that did not win awards, but they won the Critic Housewife award.  Next year I hope to include everyone’s names.

First Place Hand Quilted Bed Size – Country Charm, Sharon Berger, La Crosse, WI

Third Place Hand Quilted Bed Size – Reflection/Refraction, Janet W. Wayne, Madison, WI

Kay Franzen, Delavan, WI

Detail of quilt below

This quilt is made with selvages. This quilter must have a ton of fabric!

This quilt was the Viewer’s Choice Award.  Turtle Bay, Claudia Pfiel, Krefeld, Germany

You can see the scale of Turtle Bay here.


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