The Pancake Pantry – Nashville, Tennessee

I was in Nashville over the weekend in honor of my friend Kathrine.  The last time I was in Nashville was 7 years ago and Kathrine took me on a big tour.  We tried to go to The Pancake Pantry but the line was too long.  I was determined to go there during this visit.  It opens at 6am and I got there around 7am because I figured there wouldn’t be a line that early and I was right.

After I was seated, a man named Bill was also seated to my right.  He let me take photos of his pancakes.

No, I didn’t order pancakes!

They serve hash browns all day and I love bacon, so this is what I ordered:

The hash browns were excellent and I put a lot of hot sauce on them.

I was finished eating around 7:45am and there was a big line outside:

Apparently the lines get longer than this!

Unfortunately I did not see any country music stars but they do come in there.

The Pancake Pantry

1796 21st Ave S Nashville, TN 37212

p: 615.383.9333 f: 615.383.0659


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