Thanksgiving Menu #thanksgiving

I had a lot of fun looking through these magazines figuring out what new side dishes I was going to make for Thanksgiving.

Here is what I will make:

Turkey (cooked in a roasting bag – it cooks a lot faster using the bag)

Stuffing but not cooked in the turkey


Green bean casserole from The Pioneer Woman or Creamed Peas with Pearl Onions from Bon Appetit

Sweet Potato casserole

Salad with Jacqués Pepin oil and vinegar dressing

Cranberry sauce with fresh cranberries

And for dessert I’m making Saveur’s Fein Tau Weiyema, a Honduran Pumpkin Bread

Bon Appetit!

Worst College Majors #collegemajors

The Worst College Majors For Your Career:

  1. English
  2. Sociology
  3. Drama and Theater Arts
  4. Liberal Arts
  5. Studio Arts
  6. Graphic Design
  7. Philosophy and Religious Studies
  8. Film and Photography (wonder who has a degree in this?)
  9. Fine Arts
  10. Anthropology

All the fun stuff!  Depressing but true…

In Wisconsin, if you have a degree in any of these, it won’t get you anywhere.

Read the complete article here:

Annoyed: Movie Theater Seats #amctheaters

We went to see Paranormal Activity 4 last Saturday at a theater in Wisconsin.  When we walked into the theater, it was empty except for my son and his friend, so I took their photo.

Eeeewwww, look at how dirty the seats are where everyone rests their head! 

Goes to show you what the camera can see that we can’t.  Or we are not looking for this nor do we think about it in a dark theater.

Theaters are actually quite gross.  How often are they thoroughly cleaned?  Sometimes the theaters stink.

I might start bringing a piece of cloth to put on the seat where my head rests.

Preparing Green Beans #greenbeans

I had beautiful green beans that I was going to put into a stew.

I always  break each end off the green beans.  I can’t eat green beans if they have those pointy, hard edges on them.  Then I realized I could salvage more bean if I cut off the ends with a scissor instead of breaking them off with my hands.  The breaking off portion is in the upper left corner of the photo.  The cutting is on the right.

And it’s more fun to use scissors; more concise.  Beans ready to be cooked!