Pork Stew #porkrecipe

This recipe is a keeper.  I made it with pork tenderloin but you can make it with any kind of meat you like.

Before cooking, ready to go into the over for 5 hours
Before cooking, ready to go into the oven for 5 hours
After cooking!  Yum!
After cooking! Yum!

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I got this recipe from the Penzey’s catalog.

Michael’s Frozen Custard – Verona, Wisconsin CLOSED

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Michael’s has great food.  I was craving a hot dog when I stopped by last summer.  I don’t want you to think that I go out to eat every day and eat these kinds of foods every day!  But when I crave it, then I gotta have it.


Michael’s Frozen Custard
407 W Verona Ave
Verona WI 53593


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Lemonade Restaurant in Venice, California #lemonadela

My sister took my mom to Lemonade and my mom told me about it when I decided to take my son exploring in Venice, California.

Lemonade is on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, a very trendy street to shop, browse and eat.

Here is one of the rooms of the restaurant:

You can tell we got there right when it opened at 11am.
You can tell we got there right when it opened at 11am.

Here is my son, waiting for our food.  You can see the nice ambiance of the place.

lemonade_7925 blog

And here is our food:  a Caesar Salad, German Chocolate cupcake, and of course their lemonade.  Yummy!

lemonade_7926 blog

Lemonade Restaurant
1661 Abbot Kinney Boulevard
at Abbot Kinney and Venice
Venice, CA 90291
TEL: 310.452.6200
FAX: 310.452.6201


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Artist Joel Ross #joelross

We have stayed at the James Hotel in Chicago a few times.  When we were there, I was puzzled by piles of suitcases sitting in the lobby.

This is a piece of art by Joel Ross.

joel ross_2811 blogI have to admit that I walked by a few times without reading what this all meant.  Well, I needed to get settled in, and then I came down and studied this.

joel ross_2814 blogJust by looking at the suitcases, I really had no idea what this was about.

I will keep you in suspense no longer.  You can read below what this is all about:

joel ross_2812 description blog

Is this hilarious and brilliant or what?

Here is more info about this art piece:

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Lady Dawn’s Sports Bar in Blanchardville, Wisconsin #ladydawns

A friend of mine turned me on to Lady Dawn’s Sports Bar in Blanchardville, Wisconsin.  They used to serve breakfast, but I think it was too much for the owner to deal with, so now they serve lunch and dinner and drinks.  You will have to call them to see if they are still serving lunch. Well, you should just call them in general to see what is up with them.  You don’t want to drive all the way there and find out that things have changed.  They don’t have their own website.

But they have a fabulous Lady Dawn’s hoodie sweatshirt that is worth every dollar.  Whenever I wear my Lady Dawn’s hoodie in the local grocery store, people stare at me; probably not for good reasons!

On Sundays they are known for their Bloody Mary Bar.

You go up to the bar and pay $5.00 for a tall glass that has a generous amount of vodka in it.

Then you go to the Bloody Mary Bar and create your Bloody Mary.

lady dawns_5393 blogAfter you have your glass of vodka (or hopefully they will let you use gin), you can use many kinds of tomato juice mixers.  In this photo, you can see the many choices you have to deck out your Bloody Mary: lemon, horseradish, celery, jumbo shrimp, olives, green beans, hot peppers, and beef sticks.

lady dawns_5392 blogCubes of cheese, pearl onions, pickles – well, you can make a complete balanced meal out of your Bloody Mary!

lady dawns_5390 blogThen you put hot sauce in it, salt and pepper, peanuts, and everything else you see on this counter.  There is even Ibuprofen for after you are finished drinking it.

Here is the masterpiece:

lady dawns5398 blog

Have fun but don’t drive drunk.  I don’t want anything to happen to you.

Tell them that Critic Housewife sent you.

Lady Dawn’s Sports Bar
307 S Main St
Blanchardville, WI 53516
(608) 523-4211

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Craig Korb Construction #craigkorb

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I want to say thank you to a good samaritan, Craig Korb.  Last summer when I was driving down the interstate, my truck got a flat tire while going 65 mph.  It was 95 degrees too.  I got off at the first light and pulled into a gas station.  While on the interstate driving with the flat, I noticed that a couple guys in a truck started to follow me.  They followed me into the parking lot of the gas station and offered to help me change the tire on my truck.  Of course there is NO WAY I could change the tire myself.

I thank them for taking time out of their day to help me.  I will never forget their kindness.
I hope his business is going well.  If we ever need any construction at our house, he will be the first person we call.

Craig Korb Construction

Madison, WI  53713


p.s  The shot above is not associated with Craig’s business.  : )

The content of this post was not generated to make money.  I am not being paid for this content.