Tapenade – Yum! #shurfinebrand #target #CostcoTweets

10 Jun

Tapenade is a French creation.  I usually buy my tapenade at Trader Joe’s.  But I decided to start making it mysef.  It seemed like it would be easy to make.

tapenade_8556 blogYou can put capers and onions and anchovies in it.  I put banana peppers in mine.  Shurfine is private label company in Wisconsin and I buy their high-quality products all the time.  Pitted kalamata olives can be expensive, but not this big jar from Costco.  Why should I chop up Spanish olives myself when I can buy them at Target already chopped up?


1/3 cup banana peppers

1 cup kalamata olives

1 cup Spanish olives

1/4 – 1/2 cup olive oil

tapenade 2_8562 blogBlend the banana peppers, kalamata and Spanish olives separately in a food processor to the consistency you like.  You might want it super blended or still chunky.

tapenade 3_8563 blogMix the peppers and olives together in a bowl.  Then add olive oil to lightly coat all of the ingredients or add enough olive oil to make it oozy.

Use the Tapenade as a dip with crackers or spread over crusty French bread.

Good appetizer on a Sunday night with a martini!



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