Nicolette Larson Lullaby CD: Sleep Baby Sleep #lullaby

25 Jun


I would like to pay tribute to Nicolette Larson and the best lullaby CD ever made:  Sleep Baby Sleep

This CD came out in 1994.  I bought it at Barnes and Noble on 6th Avenue in New York (when B&N was still there).  I knew who Nicolette was but hadn’t heard anything about the CD.  I bought it just hoping it would be good. Every song is soothing and calming.  There is nothing worse than playing a lullaby CD and it has loud, jarring songs on it, between the calm ones.  I want all lullaby songs to lull and not energize the baby!

When my son was little, he loved this CD.

Nicolette’s voice is perfect for lullabies.  She lovingly recorded it for her daughter.  The music is perfect and Graham Nash and Neil Young also sing on this CD.

I highly recommend this as a gift to someone who is having a baby.  It’s the gift that keeps giving!


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