Spanikopeta #spanikopeta

25 Jul

spanikopeta_8867 blogI made the Greek dish Spanikopeta for the first time last night and it was EXCELLENT.  I have never chopped 2 pounds of spinach before for one dish.

This is what it looked like when I took it out of the oven:

spanikopeta_8864 blogYou might be wondering what that yummy oozy redish yellow stuff is?  It’s melted feta cheese (1 pound) and my home grown RED Chinese spinach.  My son and I harvested 2 pounds of Chinese spinach from our garden.

I hadn’t used phyllo dough since I was 14-years-young in Girl Scouts, making baklava.  I bought the sheets of phyllo dough in the freezer section of my local market.  Here is another shot:

spanikopeta_8865 blogAnd here is the recipe:

spanakopeta196 blogThe recipe is from the eleventh printing (1990) of the cookbook Popular Greek Recipes by the Ladies of the Philoptochos Society in Charleston, South Carolina.  I bought the book in 1994.


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