Rock and Roll Hall of Fame #rock_hall

While driving home from the East Coast to Wisconsin, we stopped in Cleveland to visit The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Ya all need to go there at least once if you are a music lover.  We stayed at the Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Center, which I highly recommend.  A classy hotel and within walking distance to the Rock Hall.  Here was the view of the Rock Hall from our hotel room window:

Here is the Rock Hall (designed by IM Pei) once we walked over to it:

rock and roll hall of fame_9136 ch blogObviously there was a lot to look at in the Rock Hall.  I wish I would have had more time.  Perhaps next time I would take a little portable chair and sit in front of each display and really taken it in.

If you love guitars, you will love the Rock Hall!  I was really struck by the creative design of ZZ Top’s custom 1986 Yunker guitars – so innovative!  I briefly looking on the Internet for more info about Yunker but it was hard to find a lot of info.  Sad that a talent like that doesn’t exist on the Internet.

zz top_9146 blog
The guitar on the right reminds me of an insect.

What I really got into at the Rock Hall was the clothes that the musicians wore.  And most of them were so TINY!  I loved the 60’s era and psychedelic prints.  Here is a jacket worn by Jack Casady of Jefferson Airplane, designed by Bad Boy:

jack casady_9140 blog
“Don’t you want some jacket to love?”

Here is the detail:

jack casady_9140 blog detailI really liked this broadcloth type of fabric for clothes and remember having a jacket and matching skirt made of broadcloth in the 1960’s.

OMG, how about Al Green’s PANTS??????  How many of you bought the Greatest Hits album?????

“I need your love! Let’s get married today!”

Now I’ll talk about something more somber…how the fabulous Otis Redding, age 29-years-young, died when his airplane crashed in Lake Monona in Madison, Wisconsin.  His untimely death happened before the song “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay” was released.  His name was on the airplane:

otis redding_9144 blogIf you haven’t before, watch Otis Redding at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival singing “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long.” 

I really wanted to see anything having to do with Led Zeppelin and Robert Plant, but there wasn’t much.  Apparently Led Zeppelin “pulled it all.”  I would have liked to see Robert Plant’s jeans.  But I fell in love with a beautiful jacket that John Paul Jones wore:

john paul jones_9145 blogIt must have been amazing to be a rich, famous rock star and have these beautiful custom clothes made.  The guitar isn’t too bad either!

Here is the detail:

john paul jones_9145 blog detailWhat about a museum for Led Zeppelin, someone?  Bill Gates are you listening?

Lastly, I was dying to see anything about The Beatles.  Here is John Lennon’s Sergeant Pepper outfit from the Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover:

john lennon_9148 blog
The Beatles are my favorite band.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
1100 E 9th St  Cleveland, Ohio 44114


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Ground Turkey and Garbanzo Bean Casserole #casserole

I can’t believe how tasty and hearty this dish is.

Cooking it:

garbanzo_8893 blogAfter it has baked in the oven:

garbanzo_8895 blogAnd in the serving bowl, with sour cream:

garbanzo_8896 blog

Ground Turkey and Garbanzo Bean Casserole by Critic Housewife


1 lb                     ground turkey (or beef, chicken)

1 cup                  chopped onions

2                         garlic cloves, minced

2 – 15 ounce      cans garbanzo beans

1 – 15 ounce      can tomato sauce

½ cup                 water

1 teaspoon         dried oregano, crushed

1 teaspoon         lemon pepper

½ teaspoon        salt

½ teaspoon        ground cumin

¼ teaspoon        pepper

2                         bay leaves

1-2 tablespoons  dried parsley or kale

½ cup                 finely ground pecans (or any other nuts you have on hand)

macaroni pasta (optional)

sour cream (optional)


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  2. Brown ground turkey with onion and garlic until onion is tender and turkey is cooked through.
  3. Drain fat if you wish.
  4. Stir in everything else and heat to boiling.
  5. Put it in a 1 ½ quart casserole uncovered on the top rack of the oven.
  6. Bake for 45 minutes.
  7. Remove bay leaves.
  8. Serve on top of macaroni pasta with a dollop of sour cream.