Pamela’s Diner in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania #PGPamelasDiner

20 Sep

It was my husband’s idea that we drive to Pittsburgh and stay overnight on our way to Baltimore.  I was game!  And, there was a game going on outside of our hotel room at Heinz Field!

pittsburgh_8939 blog

We had a splendid sleep, and in the morning walked over to Pamela’s Diner.

pamelas_8941 blogPamela’s Diner has a retro theme and is vibrant in decoration and engery.  The food was excellent and I would go back again to try other menu items.

Here is an omelette that I ordered.  I was ready to dig in (you can see where I had started to cut into the omelette with my fork) and remembered to take a photo for Critic Housewife!  (I can’t tell you how many times I have been at a restaurant and been so hungry that I just start chowing down and forget to take pictures!)

pamelas_8940 blog

I love hot sauce on my food and rye bread.  Their Lyonnaise potatoes are their specialty.

Although we weren’t in Pittsburgh for very long, we want to go there again and spend more time there.  Next time we’ll go to the Andy Warhol Museum.

We really liked Pittsburgh!


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