Armillary Sphere Garden Ornament #armillarysphere #sculpture

30 Sep

sculpture_1248 ch blogMy husband bought this armillary sphere sculpture a few years ago.  I have always liked it, and was in our garden the other day and liked it from this angle so I took a photo of it.

It’s a very positive sculpture, don’t you think?

p.s.  I didn’t know what an armillary sphere was before I looked it up this morning!  Here is what Wikipedia says it is:

“An armillary sphere (variations are known as spherical astrolabearmilla, or armil) is a model of objects in the sky (in the celestial sphere), consisting of a spherical framework of rings, centred on Earth, that represent lines of celestial longitude and latitude and other astronomically important features such as the ecliptic. As such, it differs from a celestial globe, which is a smooth sphere whose principal purpose is to map the constellations.”

So there.  Now you learned something.


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