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Picnic by Michael Beitz – Madison, Wisconsin – #picnictable

27 Oct

picnic table_9502 blog

Wow, this would look FABULOUS in my back yard!

Honey, would you buy it for me?

This fabulous creative masterpiece is called Picnic by Michael Beitz and is on display on the roof of the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art.  


Hot Peppers #peppers

25 Oct

peppers_1299 blogThe last harvest of my hot peppers from my garden.  I’ll dehydrate them in my dehydrator and grind them up into powdery pepper to sprinkle on all of my food all year long.


One Open Manhattan Window #manhattan

14 Oct

new york window_9086 blog


House of Testosterone #testosterone

4 Oct

man teen tv computer_9275 blog


Wisconsin License Plate #licenseplate

2 Oct

license plate_9358 blog

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