Steve’s Wine Beer Spirits #StevesMcKee #deathsdoor

steves liquor_9416 blog

I would like to thank Steve’s Wine Beer Spirits in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, for selling me Death Door’s Gin for $24.99 instead of their usual price of $28.99.  Sometimes I am just too tired and weary to drive 4 miles out of my way in the night after work to another store for the $24.99 price.

deaths door gin

Thanks, Steve’s!  You are a great store and have excellent customer service!

p.s.  Death’s Door Gin is my favorite gin of all time!!!!!!


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Justin Bieber Holiday Wrapping Paper #justinbieber

justin bieber_1447 blogI love looking at all the holiday/Christmas items at Target.  I saw that there is wrapping paper with Justin Bieber’s photos on it.

Can you imagine being so famous that people want to buy wrapping paper with your image on it?


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Chopping Onions In Advance #onions

My husband was given 9 beautiful large red onions.  I knew we would never use them in time and they would spoil.  So I decided to be a responsible housewife and chop all the onions up to freeze them.

onions_1401 blogI put 1 cup in each freezer bag.

onions_1399 blogIt is very convenient to reach into the freezer and put already chopped onions in a pan.  A huge time saver and they freeze beautifully.

The cons are they smelled up our house for weeks.  They also smelled up the refrigerator and freezer.  I think the smell is gone now.  I could handle the smell, but other family members could not.

No good onion goes unpunished.


Hain Safflower Mayonnaise #mayonnaise

mayo_1375 blogHain Safflower Mayonnaise is the very best!  It’s so tasty.  It doesn’t have soy in it and I really like that.  I make the most incredible tartar sauce using it (recipe to come…someday).  Tuna sandwiches (with chopped up celery and dill pickles) are excellent too.  I can’t buy other mayo anymore, nor can I buy tartar sauce – the ingredients are disgusting!  I buy this at my health food store.


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Hank Williams III #HANK III

hank_1392 blogI like all kinds of music.  I started liking country music at the age of 18.

So, if you think I started to like country music just because I moved to Wisconsin, you are wrong.

I have a new boyfriend.  His name is Hank Williams III or Hank Williams 3 or Hank 3.  In case you don’t know who he is, he’s the 40-years-young son of Hank Williams Jr. and the grandson of Hank Williams.  I love Hank Williams.  He died when he was only 29-years-young.  Turns out Hank 3 looks just like Hank Sr.

When Hank Williams Jr. was younger, he also looked more like his dad.  But he got into a terrible mountain climbing accident in 1975 and it changed his face.

Hank 3 came to Madison last year but I didn’t go see him and this year when I saw he was playing, I begged my hubby to go with me and he gave in.  One good thing about living in a small town is you can sit really close to the musician when there’s general seating.  We weren’t in the mosh pit though.  I’m too old for that…all that standing is not for me.  We were in the 4th row.  It was the first time I ever wore earplugs at a concert.

Hank 3 plays a four hour set!

Playing an acoustic guitar, the first couple hours Hank 3 sang country songs, and sang some written by his grandpa.

hank 3 band_9524 blog

All of the guys in the band were excellent.  I have never heard and felt bass so loud – it was vibrating through the venue.

The last hours were punk and heavy metal.  Unfortunately we only stayed for the first two hours but the next time he comes to town, I’ll stay for the whole concert and see him in his punk/heavy metal mode, playing the electric guitar.

What was so unusual and what I was extremely impressed with is during the two hours we watched him perform, he didn’t take a break – not even between songs.  One song ran into another. And when he changed his outfit from country to punk, he stayed on stage.  Seems like he sang 50 songs.  I love his voice – he sings high and low.

I’m not used to being so spoiled at a concert – I really got my money’s worth.

I liked his constant eye contact with the audience.  His musicians were amazingly talented too.

He has a new double CD out called Brothers of the 4×4 (I ordered it from the library).

I don’t think he has ever been on the CMA’s (Country Music Awards) because he’s a rebel.

I want him to become really famous, rich, and healthy.  I think it’s inevitable.

p.s.  I would love to photograph him!

Whiskey Chicken With Peaches #chicken #whiskey

I made a labor intensive dish of chicken with whiskey and peaches.  I don’t drink whiskey so it was an interesting experience price shopping for it.  I think I spent $12 on this bottle.  My son wanted me to buy a $25 bottle of Jack Daniels.  Forget that!

I do respect whiskey though because it’s mentioned in a lot of country songs.  

I like this photo because it looks like I’m a real lush:

chicken_1330 blogYeah, I cooked that damn dinner and threw the empty bottle down after having a few swigs!  jk.

Here is a photo of raw chicken legs and my red slippers:

chicken_1311 blog

I like this shot – a black and white of chicken legs being browned:

chicken_1352 blog

Ok, the chicken is finished being browned.  And yes, this is a different clean plate in case you were wondering…

chicken_1345 blog

Whoa – cooking onions!  What a revelation!

onions_1365 blog

chicken_1347 blog
This photo is called “Cooking Onions in Whiskey.”

chicken_1350 blog

After it cooked in the pan, I put it in the oven and cooked it for 1.5 hours.  It was supposed to be falling off the bone, tender.  But it wasn’t.


chicken_1351 blog

I put a lot of parsley from my garden on my mashed parsnip/potatoes.

I know you thought this was a tutorial on how to make this recipe, but guess what?

The recipe sucked!

Patak’s Chili Relish #PataksUSA

pataks_1377 blogI put Patak’s chili relish on brown rice and scrambled eggs, and on home fried potatoes.  It’s spicy and salty and delicious!  They have different flavors – check out their website!  It can be purchased from Patak’s website, Indian food stores or on Amazon.


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