Whiskey Chicken With Peaches #chicken #whiskey

6 Nov

I made a labor intensive dish of chicken with whiskey and peaches.  I don’t drink whiskey so it was an interesting experience price shopping for it.  I think I spent $12 on this bottle.  My son wanted me to buy a $25 bottle of Jack Daniels.  Forget that!

I do respect whiskey though because it’s mentioned in a lot of country songs.  

I like this photo because it looks like I’m a real lush:

chicken_1330 blogYeah, I cooked that damn dinner and threw the empty bottle down after having a few swigs!  jk.

Here is a photo of raw chicken legs and my red slippers:

chicken_1311 blog

I like this shot – a black and white of chicken legs being browned:

chicken_1352 blog

Ok, the chicken is finished being browned.  And yes, this is a different clean plate in case you were wondering…

chicken_1345 blog

Whoa – cooking onions!  What a revelation!

onions_1365 blog

chicken_1347 blog

This photo is called “Cooking Onions in Whiskey.”

chicken_1350 blog

After it cooked in the pan, I put it in the oven and cooked it for 1.5 hours.  It was supposed to be falling off the bone, tender.  But it wasn’t.


chicken_1351 blog

I put a lot of parsley from my garden on my mashed parsnip/potatoes.

I know you thought this was a tutorial on how to make this recipe, but guess what?

The recipe sucked!


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