Sun Halo #halo

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I decided to drive to a yoga class and while driving, I saw that the temperature was -9 and I wondered what am I doing?  Hello?  I saw a rainbow on the left of the rising sun so I stopped my car and took a photo while sitting inside the car.  I just couldn’t get out to take the photo…too cold!

Merry Christmas! #merrychristmas

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Merry Christmas!

I had been looking for a new artificial tree for a few years but didn’t want to pay more than $75.  I went online at Target and found a 7.5 foot tree that I really liked for $134.  I called the store to see if they had it and the nice salesperson, Aman, told me they had it and it was on sale for $64!!!  He put it on hold for me and I drove over to pick it up.  One good thing about Wiscsonsin is I was in and out of the store in 5 minutes!

Here is the before shot:

christmas tree_9689 blog

It took around 1 hour to fluff out all the branches, but look at the end result!  It comes in 3 pieces.  I really love having this tree.  It was fun to decorate – the branches are durable and when I walk by and accidentally hit the tree, the ornaments don’t fall off.

I wish you all very happy holidays.  I thank you for reading and following my blog.  I love creating posts for you to read, and it keeps me sane too!  

Happy 2014 to everyone!

Taco Bus in St. Petersburg, Florida #tacobustampa

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We stumbled upon Taco Bus on our way to The (Salvador) Dali Museum in St. Pete’s, Florida.  When we were finished at the fabulous museum, my husband said, “Let’s go to Taco Bus!” because it looks like a happening place.  We arrived there around 2pm and it was consistently busy the whole time we were there.

My husband ordered a mustardy-tasting chicken dish – he loved it.

taco bus_9662 blog

My son and I split an excellent burrito:

taco bus_9661 blog

Taco Bus
2324 Central Ave
St. Petersburg, FL  33712
Phone:  727.322.5000


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“Final Boarding Call” by Christopher Still

tampa painting_9680 blogI love this huge retro/vintage mural oil painting at the Tampa International Airport by Christopher Still called Final Boarding Call.  It’s in Airside C of the airport.

Here is info about it:

“Final Boarding Call”
Oil Painting on Belgium Linen
Tarpon Springs, Florida
The 11 ft. by 17 ft. mural captures the Golden Era of airline travel. Travelers in the painting reflect the many emotions of arriving and departing, all upon the stage of boarding an Eastern Airlines DC-7. The past draws attention to the present-day traveler’s place in history and reflects on aspects of flight that have perhaps been taken for granted. The artist performed extensive research involving locating a vintage aircraft, taking him to Port St. Lucie and St. Paul, Minnesota. He conducted many interviews, searched the country for vintage luggage, built a vintage baggage cart, collected vintage clothing of the era and borrowed details such as claim checks and uniforms, in order to authenticate his mural.

Critic Housewife’s Turkey Sliders

I created this recipe from recipes I found in Saveur and Bon Appetit.

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Cooking all the goodies in the frying pan
turkey sliders_1505 blog
The finished product – so delish!

Critic Housewife Turkey (Leftover) Sliders

4 sourdough slider buns

Enough turkey for 4 sliders (1/3 cup for each slider)

1 c chopped cabbage

2 T chopped onion

½ t cumin

½ t lemon pepper

¼ t seasoning salt

1/8 t pepper

2 T roasted bell pepper from a jar

1/3 c Mayonnaise

4 slices cheese of your choice (cheddar is good)

1 T butter


In a large frying pan, cook turkey, cabbage, onion, spices and bell pepper until lightly browned (or to your liking).

Meanwhile, place buns on foil lined baking sheet.

Spread mayonnaise inside all sourdough buns.

Lightly butter tops of buns.

Place one slice cheese on bottom of each bun.

Put equal amounts of turkey on each bun bottom.

Put sourdough bun tops on top of turkey.

Bake sliders at 400 degrees for 8-10 minutes.  The butter on the tops of the buns make the buns crispy and the cheese melts perfectly!


Guppy’s on the Beach Bar & Grill – Indian Rocks, Florida #Guppys1

We were meandering around looking for a place to have lunch.  We decided to stop at Guppy’s because it’s parking lot was crowded and there were lots of people sitting outside.  Sometimes when you go to a place and haven’t gotten a recommendation, it’s a gamble, but

this gamble paid off well!

guppys_9630 blog

Living in Wisconsin and all, I was craving a hearty seafood salad and this salad was excellent – substance in every bite.

My son ordered calamari and fries.  It was very good too and kept him filled up all day!

guppys_9629 blog

Guppy’s on the Beach
1701 Gulf Blvd
Indian Rocks Beach, FL 33785
727 593 2032


The content of this post was not generated to make money.  I am not being paid for this content.  

Window Clings #windowclings

window clings_1506 blogI love window clings – the gaudier, the better.  It’s hard to find good ones though at the store – they are so conservative and boring.  I might have to resort to finding them on the internet.  Well, I just looked on the internet and didn’t find anything that exciting.  I guess I’ll design my own.

They are great to use so birds don’t fly into our windows.

And they irritate my husband!  Yes!

Faux Hunting #deerhunting

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When in Wisconsin, do as other Wisconsiner’s do!  

Would we have done this when we lived in New Jersey?  NO!  Anyway, we “faux” hunt.  The gun and jacket are borrowed.  The first and last time we will do this.  We like being in nature.

We are not fond of deer – they are very dangerous.  Have you ever hit one with your car?  And they are full of tics.  Have you ever gotten lyme disease?  They are very pretty and everything, but add extra stress to our lives.

p.s.  Jasmine, this is my backyard.  See how good that green picnic table would look?