Merry Christmas! #merrychristmas

25 Dec

christmas tree_1552 blog

Merry Christmas!

I had been looking for a new artificial tree for a few years but didn’t want to pay more than $75.  I went online at Target and found a 7.5 foot tree that I really liked for $134.  I called the store to see if they had it and the nice salesperson, Aman, told me they had it and it was on sale for $64!!!  He put it on hold for me and I drove over to pick it up.  One good thing about Wiscsonsin is I was in and out of the store in 5 minutes!

Here is the before shot:

christmas tree_9689 blog

It took around 1 hour to fluff out all the branches, but look at the end result!  It comes in 3 pieces.  I really love having this tree.  It was fun to decorate – the branches are durable and when I walk by and accidentally hit the tree, the ornaments don’t fall off.

I wish you all very happy holidays.  I thank you for reading and following my blog.  I love creating posts for you to read, and it keeps me sane too!  

Happy 2014 to everyone!


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