Annoyed: Wisconsin Drivers SUCK #wisconsin

19 Jan

Hi.  I thought I would tell you how I really feel about Wisconsin Drivers.


At first I didn’t want to believe it.  And then I couldn’t contain it anymore.

Sometimes the weather is like this:

driving_9755 blog

The camera actually “sees” the scene better than the human eye:

driving_9756 blog

This is Wisconsin fog.

It’s stressful enough to just deal with the weather, but when some dumb ass is tailgating you in this, it’s just plain IDIOTIC:

driving_9840 blog

How DUMB can Wisconsin drivers be to tailgate in this kind of weather?  Don’t you care about your life?  Guess not.

This is the kind of weather where you try to drive to your destination and then turn around and go home – you might get killed by another driver:

driving_9839 blog

Hey, I can’t friggin SEE!

I moved to Wisconsin for a less stressful life style.  But one very stressful part of living in Wisconsin is the dangerous weather, driving in it, dealing with it, and dealing with the Wisconsin drivers.

Sometimes Wisconsin Drivers are more dangerous than the weather.

When Wisconsin drivers aren’t texting while driving or chatting their hand-held cell phones in bad weather, or drunk, they are tailgating!

Don’t cha think?


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