Garnet Hill Sheets #GarnetHill

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I really love my country scene Garnet Hill flannel sheets.  I bought these sheets over 10 years ago and use them sparingly.  All of my guests love them.  I made the deer pillowcases – appropriate for New Jersey and Wisconsin – they are 100% cotton and cozy too.


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Workin’ On A Big Chill – #TGIF

The other weekend I had a Big Chill Weekend…by myself.  I needed to get away from it all so I went to a hotel for a couple nights, using points.  I brought 27 magazines that had piled up at my house, looked through them,

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worked on my blogs, swam, and watched cable TV.  We don’t have cable TV and once again, from channel surfing through the cable channels, I am reminded and grateful that we DO NOT have cable!  I mostly watched The Food Network and HGTV.

Oh, I also ate but was very chillaxed about it.  I was craving TGI Fridays potato skins.  (When I was anticipating my weekend, eating the skins was a goal.  But other goals fell through the cracks.)  I hadn’t eaten at a TGI Fridays in 6 years.  Last time I ordered potato skins, I could order a half order (4 skins), but now they don’t have that option.  So I ate 4 at dinner and 4 the next day for lunch in my hotel room.  The potato skins totally remind me of my sister – eating them and drinking margaritas at TGI Fridays in Los Angeles.

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For Spinko.

The very nice waiter told me they started using better bacon and cheese.

I also ordered a wedge salad which consists of blue cheese dressing, iceberg lettuce, bacon and tomatoes.  It was excellent!

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Here comes the weekend
Sure could use some relaxation to shake these blues
Hand me my sun shades
I’m checkin’ out of here
I’m workin’ on a big chill
Lord I’m workin’ on a big chill

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The Naughty Dog Coffee Bar & Deli – Dubuque, Iowa #dubuqueiowa

naughty dog_9903 blogYesterday my husband and I decided to go explore Dubuque (hard to spell and type), Iowa.  Of course we got hungry and luckily stumbled upon The Naughty Dog Coffee Bar & Deli.  I ordered a pastrami sandwich and a side of their homemade potato salad.  It was all delicious!

naughty dog_9904 blogAnd the owner, Leonore Nesler (and her Saturday employee) was very friendly and proud of the building that she owns and renovated, that houses her restaurant and where she lives.

Thanks for the great food and hospitality, ladies!

“Get A Leg Up On Your Day!”


The Naughty Dog Coffee Bar & Deli
1108 Locust St.
Dubuque, IA 52001
Ph. 563.556.7154
Fax. 563.556.7156

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Graze Cheese Bacon Burger #GrazeMadison

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Last Friday I had the pleasure of going to one of my Madison favorite restaurants, Graze, with my good friend Sherrie.  I loved the tasty meat burger and because of the English muffin bun, it was easy to eat.  I like how they presented the mayonnaise, mustard and catsup in the tiny bowl.  The fries and aioli mayonnaise were excellent too!

Graze reminds me of restaurants in Los Angeles and New York because it is contemporary and trendy and is like eating in a big city.

Happy March 1st!  Spring is on the way!


1 S. Pinckney St

Madison, WI  53703
608 – 251 – 5000

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Glare #glare

glare_9902 blogIt’s dangerous driving in Wisconsin.  See where the red arrow is pointing?  That is glare from the ice on the road.  Some roads are covered with ice or water and when the sun is at a certain angle, with all the light reflecting off the road and into your windshield, you can’t see anything and it’s downright dangerous.  This is a conservative example.

Sometimes the roads are one big white glare.  It is not fun.