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Wasting Time

30 Apr

Springtime Artist: Pierre-Auguste Cot (French, Bédarieux 1837–1883 Paris) Date: 1873 Medium: Oil on canvas

“To be quite oneself one must first waste a little time.”

– Elizabeth Brown, Author

Madame Butterfly

28 Apr

María Teresa (1638–1683), Infanta of Spain Artist: Velázquez (Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez) (Spanish, Seville 1599–1660 Madrid) Date: 1651–54 Medium: Oil on canvas

Who on earth can it be
coming up the path for me
what on earth will he say
shall I run to him or run away

Freaking out he’s come to get me
or my feet are stuck but just won’t let me
run to him do I dare
Madam Butterfly don’t blow it

Calling Butterfly, Madam Butterfly
that’s the name he used to call give
he’s my man till the day I die
oh sweet Butterfly, so sweet Butterfly
she’s waiting
he’ll be back, I have faith in this love track.

Malcolm McLaren’s version of this song from 1984 is my favorite.

So dreamy and avant-garde.  

Jacob Dylan – This End of the Telescope

26 Apr

“Lousy lovers do well with their hands

But I’ll reach you like nobody can.”

Song This End of the Telescope by Jakob Dylan

from his 2008 album Seeing Things

Tired of Being Alone – Al Green

24 Apr

“You see baby, I’ve been thinking about you,
I’ve been wanting to get next to you, baby.”

One of my favorite songs, Tired of Being Alone, written by the handsome and talented Al Green.

Tired Of Being Alone lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., EMI Music Publishing


22 Apr

“Argument is our most steadfast pathway toward truth.”

– Elizabeth Gilbert, The Signature of All Things

I loved Elizabeth Gilbert’s book The Signature of All Things.  Quite amazing that a human being can write a book like this!

Happy Easter! #Easter

20 Apr

bunny_1678 blog

As I have said before, I love window clings.  The gaudier, the better.

These window clings really irritated my husband and son.  Yes!  : )

Antique Store Couch Fabric #fabric

19 Apr

couch_9951 blog

I really enjoyed looking at the fabric on this couch of the “antique store” while I was in the thrift store.

If I lived in the right place for it, I would have bought it.  I hope it finds a happy home.  It’s exceptionally hideous.  Wish fabric was still made with prints like this.


17 Apr

deer_0035 blog

“I like California but I’m dyed-in-the-wool Oklahoman. I see a deer in L.A., and everybody’s standing around it taking pictures. Back home, that’s the enemy!”

Blake Shelton

I agree with Blake.  Here in Wisconsin, deer are our enemies.  Ever have one hit your car?  You can get hurt, your car is damaged or out of commission for awhile, and your insurance rates go up.  Stressful!

Spring? #spring #snow

15 Apr

tree_1684 blog ch

The problem with this photo is there is snow laying on top of green grass!  The snow fell last night, and it’s supposed to be Spring.  Ugh!

Kurt Cobain + Spring + Daffodils #KurtCobain #Spring #Daffodils

14 Apr
daffodils_0038 blog

Daffodils coming up in my garden.

Weather changes moods
Spring is here again…

—Kurt Cobain

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