Sjölind’s Chocolate House – Mount Horeb, Wisconsin #Sjolinds

27 Jun

sjolinds_0268 blog

Going to Sjölind’s Chocolate House is such a treat!  

My mom bought some chocolate treats for myself, my husband and son.  I had been coveting their peanut butter cup, and mom bought it for me!  Look at that delectable morsel!  I ate it in two days, in case you were wondering.

Their caffeine drinks are excellent.  So are their sandwiches.  Our favorite is the muffaletta. Their quiche is amazing and so are their baked goods.

They have a huge collection of chocolate from around the world, and make chocolate treats themselves.  I’m buying their homemade malt balls next.

They make and bake much of the goodies sold at Sjölind’s.  Tracy Thompson, the master baker and chef of Sjölind’s can do no wrong!


Sjölinds Chocolate House 

219 East Main Street

Mount Horeb, WI 53572

(608) 437-0233


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