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Eye Shadow #revlon #smashbox #chantecaille

31 Jul

eye shadow_0115 blogI’m saying farewell to my eye shadows because they are too old. Over two years. Good bye to Revlon, Smashbox and Chantecaille. Not that I use eyeshadow at all anymore. But I used to all the time.


Most Risks

29 Jul

“Most risks turn out fine.”  — Penelope Trunk

Spring Green Lilies #lilies #springgreen

27 Jul
Where did I get this gorgeous color from?

Where did I get this gorgeous color from?

spring green lilies_0380 blog

These orange lilies were in Spring Green, Wisconsin.

I See You #alexandermcallsmith

25 Jul

clouds_0440 blog

“Look at those clouds,” said Jamie, gazing up at the sky. “Look at them.” 

“Yes,” said Isabel. “They’re very beautiful, aren’t they? Clouds are very beautiful and yet so often we fail to appreciate them properly. We should do that. We should look at them and think about how lucky we are to have them.” 

“Look at the shape of the clouds,” she said. “What do you see in those beautiful clouds, Jamie?”

“I see you,” he said.” 

― Alexander McCall Smith, The Uncommon Appeal of Clouds

Sombrero Salsa Red – Gotta Love It #coneflower

16 Jul
Coneflower Red

Where did I get this gorgeous color from?

It’s quite amazing the colors that Mother Nature makes.

coneflower red_0414 blogI didn’t know that bright red coneflowers existed!  I bought a plant for $12.99 and planted it on our front yard.

My husband will spread these red Sombrero Salsa Red coneflower seeds all over our prairie! Yeah!




Hydrangea #hydrangea

13 Jul
green pink hydrangeas

Where did I get these gorgeous colors from?

hydrangeas_0415 blog

From hydrangeas growing in my backyard!


11 Jul

“Walk away from trouble.”

Tales of the Witch Doll

Clouds #janehamilton

9 Jul

clouds_0344 ch blog

“I was …out…to the stretch of grass by the garden.  I lay down on the parched ground and looked as hard as I could at the blue sky.  I wanted to feel the sheerness of space, to somehow reach what was empty and quiet, to hold what was right beyond my grasp.” 

– Jane Hamilton


Pool #pool

7 Jul

pool_0049 ch blog

“I went to the swimming pool often, as swimming pools solve a lot of problems if you never sob but just can’t stop the constant leaking of tears.”

— Ann Patchett, This Is The Story of a Happy Marriage



2 Jul
gladiolas color

Where did I get this gorgeous color from?

gladiolas_0357 blog


Growing in my front yard!

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