I See You #alexandermcallsmith

clouds_0440 blog

“Look at those clouds,” said Jamie, gazing up at the sky. “Look at them.” 

“Yes,” said Isabel. “They’re very beautiful, aren’t they? Clouds are very beautiful and yet so often we fail to appreciate them properly. We should do that. We should look at them and think about how lucky we are to have them.” 

“Look at the shape of the clouds,” she said. “What do you see in those beautiful clouds, Jamie?”

“I see you,” he said.” 

― Alexander McCall Smith, The Uncommon Appeal of Clouds

Sombrero Salsa Red – Gotta Love It #coneflower

Coneflower Red
Where did I get this gorgeous color from?

It’s quite amazing the colors that Mother Nature makes.

coneflower red_0414 blogI didn’t know that bright red coneflowers existed!  I bought a plant for $12.99 and planted it on our front yard.

My husband will spread these red Sombrero Salsa Red coneflower seeds all over our prairie! Yeah!