Tomatoes #tomatoes

3 Sep

It’s that time of the year again where I’m going to have “Tomato Talk” with you. This year I decided to plant six plants because last year when I only planted four plants, two of them didn’t do well and I had a sucky tomato harvest. Now that I grow my own tomatoes, I can’t stand to purchase them. A box of cherry tomatoes at the store is $3.99.

With my six plants, I harvest the tomatoes every day or every other day. If I wait too long to harvest, the tomatoes start getting rotty (is “rotty” a word?).

Here is how I freeze tomatoes.

This is a day’s harvest of tomatoes:

tomatoes_0226 blog

Getting them ready to be washed in a colander:

tomatoes_0191 ch blog

I wash them and cut the tops off where they attached to the stem:


I cut the larger tomatoes into quarters or sixths. I leave the cherry tomatoes whole. I don’t take skins or seeds out:

tomatoes_0202 blog

Then I scoop them into quart-sized freezer bags:

tomatoes_0200 blog

And off they go into the freezer:

tomatoes_0203 blog

In the fall and winter we make tomato sauce. We just throw the frozen tomatoes into the pan and cook them, adding whatever we want to supplement the sauce.

Well, time for a Death’s Door Martini!

And time to harvest more tomatoes.

Hope you had a great three-day weekend!




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