Freezing Parsley #parsley

8 Nov

parsley_0914 blog

Last year I planted two parsley plants and they did not do well. It was like not having parsley at all. So this year I planted three plants and they became these huge bushes! There is another plant not pictured, and I cut off all the parsley leaves on it.

I put all the parsley leaves in a bowl and trimmed the leaves off the stems with scissors.

It look a long time.

I decided to freeze the parsley into parsley logs.

Because it was going to take a long time, I set up a parsley-log-making station on my ottoman in our living room, while watching Cooks Illustrated:

parsley_0912 blog

In the bowl are the cut parsley leaves.

I stuffed them into the bottom of a quart freezer bag, rolled it up into a log, and put a rubber band around it. I put all the logs into a gallon size freezer bag and put them in the freezer. When I want to use the parsley, I will open up one of the logs and cut it into inch size pieces. I will have fresh parsley for cooking all year long.

parsley_0913 blog


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