My Friggin’ “Finally” Bookshelves

26 Jul

We have lived in our house for eight years and had fifty unopened, unpacked boxes of books sitting under the basement stairwell of our house. Why? My hard working husband and I couldn’t come to an agreement about the design of the wood bookshelves for the library we wanted to build in our basement. I would send him Pinterest photos with ideas and occasionally he would say, “Nice shelves.” Many times each year month I would ask him, “When are you going to build our shelves?” He didn’t want to deal.

On Friday I went to a store in Madison and saw many sturdy, large steel bookshelves. Ok, not wood, but $30 each! Such a deal!

bookshelves_1894 blog

The next day I told my husband about them and he said, “Did you take pictures of them?” No! So on Saturday I took photos of them and showed them to my husband. He said it was “a go,” and we went there and bought six of them!

Finally! I was going to be able to open my boxes of beloved books and “set them free” (a quote from my sister).

Here they are after delivery to our house:

bookshelves_1947 blog

Here they are lined up against the wall:

bookshelves_1951 blog

I cleaned them with warm water and Murphy Oil Soap. And dried them. The dust on them was at least 40 years old! It took me two and a half days to do this project. It was great exercise. It was fantastic seeing our books again! In the fifty boxes were also hundreds of CDs, framed photos and pottery. I did donate a lot of books and CDs to a thrift store.

The cabinets are almost filled. This is how they look right now:

bookshelves_1956 blog

When the library is more fixed up I’ll post a photo.

I’m so friggin’ happy that my husband and I came to an agreement about the bookshelves! It was such a fun project. And now onward to the next project!

p.s. I saved all the boxes that the books were in. The boxes are back under the stairwell.


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