Tribute To Iman

29 Jan


I took David Bowie for granted.

When I received an early morning phone call from my sister telling me he had died, I felt distraught and started to cry after we hung up. My sister and I are still upset about his passing. I have read that people are upset about his passing, as if he was a family member. The way I am upset about him is not an experience I have had before.

When I come home from work and finish making dinner, some nights it’s soothing for me to read all I can about him on the Internet, and watch videos of TV shows he was on, or snippets from movies he was in. It’s how I’m mourning him. From watching various videos, I realized how sexy he was.

One of the best articles about David Bowie is from Spin Magazine: The 100 Greatest David Bowie Moments. You have to look at ALL the videos!

I have always loved how Bowie looked, dressed, his music and creativity. I love all the layers and levels of his voice. I hadn’t ever really thought much about how sexy he was, because I took him for granted. But now that he’s gone and I have been studying him in his videos, he OOZES sexiness, charm, humor, and diplomacy. I would see how he must have been irresistible!

And now for my tribute to Iman:

iman nude

Iman was and is one of the most beautiful women in the world, don’t you think? Notwithstanding all of her important and amazing qualities and contributions, she is the woman who had sex more times with David Bowie than anyone else. She is sooooooo lucky, don’t you think? Another factor of their relationship is they had a monogamous marriage; they were completely sexually dedicated to each other. I love that. She probably would not have settled for any other kind of arrangement in their 2002 marriage, and he had already been through an “open” first marriage, so he knew the negative complexities of doing that again. Bowie chose the song Evening Gathering for his bride’s entrance at their wedding.

In a 2013 interview with Naomi Campbell, Iman said, “You’ve got to feel hot for each other and respect each other. That’s where it starts.” I can SO see their hotness for each other, can’t you? 

If Iman wrote a book, I’ll bet she could get $30 million dollars for her memoirs! But this probably won’t happen because of how private she and Mr. Bowie were.

David Bowie and Iman oozed love.


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