Part One: Judith Hill + Meron Bekure + Kirk Johnson

7 Jul

prince 1

I had no idea that Prince and Judith Hill were lovers. They were in a relationship for two years. Buy why should I know that? Prince was a very private person and I didn’t hang with him.

While Prince was alive, I wasn’t paying attention to “who is Prince’s girlfriend right now?” Up until he passed, I thought he was with Bria Valente. Prince and Bria Valente started working together in 2007. She became a Jehovah’s Witness (like Prince). Her debut album, Elixir, came out in 2009. Try as I might, I didn’t like the CD, even though Prince produced and played guitar on it. In 2012 they released more music together. And then, poof, she was gone. She married Alex Reece in 2013. I don’t think she has made any comments about Prince’s death. Interesting how she is keeping silent. His second wife Manuela Testolini did speak up.

Back to Judith Hill—On October 23, 2015, Prince and Judith released her Prince co-produced album Back in Time. It was recorded at Paisley Park. Here is a cute video of Prince and Judith where she locks him out of Paisley Park. They kept their relationship on the low-down.


Even though Prince was heavily involved in her CD Back in Time, it doesn’t mean Judith will become a success. Even with Prince producing her, I don’t think she has found the right producer or songs yet.

New York Times article about Judith Hill I Was On That Fateful Flight With Prince: A Protégée Tells Her Story is fascinating. That’s where I learned that she loved Prince and their relationship was more than her being his “protégée.” I learned she was on the airplane with him, saw his “eyes fix,” realized he was unconscious and got him immediate medical attention. Also on the airplane was his aide Kirk Johnson.


Kirk Johnson

After Prince’s death, Judith had some tour dates she decided to fulfill, and now there are no mention of future tours on her site. I am sure she needs time and privacy to mourn her lover’s death.

In the New York Times article, she said Prince never mentioned to her he was in pain; although she had been with him for two years. Is it possible for severe pain to be hidden for two years from someone you love? That’s a long time to hide anything. On top of that, he was hiding an opiate addiction too. But other friends of his knew about his pain and addiction.

The private plane finally returned to Minneapolis, and soon after, Judith returned to Los Angeles. But not before she realized that Prince was downplaying the overdose, so she notified others of his condition and that he needed help. In Judith Hill’s New York Times interview, she didn’t use verbiage of someone who was in love, i.e. she wasn’t gushing profusely about their relationship or crying during the interview, but she probably is choosing to say the bare minimum right now. She does look upset in the photos of Prince’s cremation.

Stay tuned for Part Two.


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