Part Two: Judith Hill + Meron Bekure + Kirk Johnson

9 Jul

Prince’s final public appearance: Saturday, April 16, 2016

Prince’s two main employees, who found him in the elevator, Kirk Johnson and Meron Bekure, have kept silent. Kirk was manager of Paisley Park and Meron was Prince’s personal assistant. Perhaps they will never tell their stories about working for Prince, or they might if paid enough. The only way we can learn more about his life is if his friends and employees speak up. For Kirk and Meron, seeing Prince in the elevator on April 21 must have been extremely traumatic…something they will carry around with them for the rest of their lives. They will also need to decide for the rest of their lives how much they want to share. I don’t think they should ever say anything! Keep it private.


Meron Bekure

I wonder how upset he was about the death of Vanity, aka Denise Matthews?  She and Prince both died at the age of 57. Did he know about her donation page? Heartbreaking.


Denise Matthews, aka Vanity

How easy is it to hide that you are an opioid addict? How hard was it for Prince to perform while on opiates? Could Prince’s friends tell he was high sometimes? Were there prescriptions in his bedroom or hidden somewhere? How could he function on them?

We won’t learn anything else about Prince’s death from the Chief Medical Examiner A. Quinn Strobl, who performed Prince’s autopsy. She has said all she will ever say and it was the bare minimum. All that’s legally required on a Minnesota autopsy report is the cause and manner of death, and any abnormalities.

I do like it that there is the possibility of never learning anything else about Prince’s health history. Why? Because it’s nobody’s business. That means that when we all die, the only thing people can find out about us is the cause of death, and not any other info about our health (does it depend on what state we live in?), like we had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, ADD, hemorrhoids, diabetes, etc.

I like it that we haven’t learned anything else about David Bowie’s death. In the future I think it will become the norm where the public learns hardly anything about how a celebrity died. It all will be kept private.

One thing I LOVE is that people are posting videos of Prince performing on YouTube. We can watch to our heart’s content all of these fantastic performances we have never seen because Prince’s lawyers aren’t monitoring (as much) what is posted. You can see what a genius he was. You can also see why he was in pain. In some of the videos he did the splits at least 20 times. Can you imagine doing all of those splits at each tour date?

prince 5

Another thing that made him unique was he owned Paisley Park, which was a building that had recording studios and a stage where his fans could watch him perform. He could have concerts whenever he wanted. He also lived there.

Music was his passion. In a way, I think he did die for us. He gave us the performances of his life. His performances were our concert fantasies come true.


2 Responses to “Part Two: Judith Hill + Meron Bekure + Kirk Johnson”

  1. Debra February 25, 2017 at 8:25 pm #

    It was clear hat he loved entertaining us. I could see the complete joy in his face when he played with his toys (his guitars). He said he would die for us and if it turns out there was no foul play in his death then that’s exactly what he did. He worked for us, according to some with little food or sleep for years. He worked fou us while in severe pain and during sickness. UNTIL IT KILLED HIM. So for that reason hecwill be “FOREVER IN MY LIFE”, in my heart as long as I’m “SOMEWHERE ON EARTH.

    • Critic Housewife February 26, 2017 at 12:26 pm #

      He had an amazing amount of talent and energy, like no one else. Thanks for your comment!

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