In Your Power

Title: [Two people kneeling, working in a field, possibly in Puerto Rico] Creator(s): Delano, Jack, photographer Date Created/Published: 1941 Dec.? Medium: 1 slide : color.
Title: [Two people kneeling, working in a field, possibly in Puerto Rico]
Creator(s): Delano, Jack, photographer
Date Created/Published: 1941 Dec.?
Medium: 1 slide : color.

“Never be hard upon people who are in your power.”

—Charles Dickens

If you have power, you need to be NICE to people. Have you ever worked for someone who abused their power? Happens a lot, unfortunately. I despise people who abuse their power.

Horizontal Stripes Haiku


You called me “Kim”—not

my name. Lobby lights off.

Indicative of job.

You wore a horizontal-striped

sleeveless dress. Flip flops.


You said you would call

my recruiter by Friday—

but you did not call.

I emailed recruiter.

“We have not heard from them.”

Took a nap. Answer:

“We found a better

match.” No other feedback.

Indicative of job.


This five paragraph Haiku is about a job interview that I had. So annoying and insulting!

Are five paragraph Haikus allowed?

Public domain photograph from the Library of Congress: Betty Bronson modeling Roman Stripe — Orange, Green, Red & Copper Knit Pleated Skirt with Brass Buttons

Annoyed: Where Is The Friggin’ Remote?

I get up early, not feeling well, enjoying the darkness of the morning, simply wanting to lay on the couch and watch some TV.

remote_1079 blog 1

But nothing is simple.

Where is the friggin’ remote? Aaargh! 

I’m pulling up pillows and blankets…

Oh, THERE it is! Of course, how obvious!

remote_1079 blog 2 detail
I lightened this image so you can see the remote.


remote_1079 blog detail

Only in my house can the remote teeter between the couch and ottoman and not be on the floor.

Fascinating stuff!

Annoyed: Wisconsin Drivers SUCK #wisconsin

Hi.  I thought I would tell you how I really feel about Wisconsin Drivers.


At first I didn’t want to believe it.  And then I couldn’t contain it anymore.

Sometimes the weather is like this:

driving_9755 blog

The camera actually “sees” the scene better than the human eye:

driving_9756 blog
This is Wisconsin fog.

It’s stressful enough to just deal with the weather, but when some dumb ass is tailgating you in this, it’s just plain IDIOTIC:

driving_9840 blog

How DUMB can Wisconsin drivers be to tailgate in this kind of weather?  Don’t you care about your life?  Guess not.

This is the kind of weather where you try to drive to your destination and then turn around and go home – you might get killed by another driver:

driving_9839 blog
Hey, I can’t friggin SEE!

I moved to Wisconsin for a less stressful life style.  But one very stressful part of living in Wisconsin is the dangerous weather, driving in it, dealing with it, and dealing with the Wisconsin drivers.

Sometimes Wisconsin Drivers are more dangerous than the weather.

When Wisconsin drivers aren’t texting while driving or chatting their hand-held cell phones in bad weather, or drunk, they are tailgating!

Don’t cha think?

Not Annoyed: Starbucks Cuts The Price of Its Bagged Coffee #starbucks

starbucks_1056 blogI am glad that Starbucks is going to lower the price of its bagged coffee from $9.99 to $8.99.  I think the price was only $8.99 a few months ago and recently I noticed the price was $10 and did not like this and was definitely going to try some new brands.  Buying this coffee is one of my few splurges.  Rarely do I buy a cup of coffee when I can make a delicious cup and bring it with me in my car.  I drink a cup of tea when I first wake up, and then I drink a cup of coffee around 10am.

What are your caffeine habits?

Annoyed: Crazy Wisconsin Driver #wisconsindriver

driver snow_8210 ch blogI retouched out our driver’s license plate so he/she can be anonymous.  Not smart to drive down the interstate and he can’t see out his back window.  It’s a fundamental requirement of driving to be able to see out the back window.


p.s.  You might be thinking I’m not so smart taking pictures while driving.  Well, I was stopped and shot the photo.

Annoyed: Movie Theater Seats #amctheaters

We went to see Paranormal Activity 4 last Saturday at a theater in Wisconsin.  When we walked into the theater, it was empty except for my son and his friend, so I took their photo.

Eeeewwww, look at how dirty the seats are where everyone rests their head! 

Goes to show you what the camera can see that we can’t.  Or we are not looking for this nor do we think about it in a dark theater.

Theaters are actually quite gross.  How often are they thoroughly cleaned?  Sometimes the theaters stink.

I might start bringing a piece of cloth to put on the seat where my head rests.

Clothespins #clothespin #clothesline

As you know, I hang my clothes on my wonderful clothesline whenever the weather is right: hot, but not too hot, not humid, sunny, and it’s great if it’s windy out.

I bought some new clothespins at my local grocery store.  Look at how much smaller the new one is!  I dislike this!  I didn’t notice this when I bought them.  I already threw away the packaging and receipt.

But I will go back to my grocery store and complain!

It’s bad enough that this is happening with cereal boxes, but with clothespins?

Come on!