Own It

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“Take whatever weird little opportunity you can find and own it.”

Tara Schuster, author of Buy Yourself the Fucking Lilies

I read an article by Tara and my interpretation about the article is this: If you don’t have much to do when you start a new job, or you don’t feel like you are qualified, how can you stay busy, improve things, or show your worth? “Take whatever weird little opportunity you can find and own it…Best case scenario: someone cool will notice. Worst case? You’ll know and take pride, even if the task sucks.”

We can apply this to NOW in our personal lives. Take the time to call someone who you haven’t spoken to in awhile and get caught up. Cuz some of us certainly have the time.

El Twanguero

Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 9.08.00 AM

I subscribe to Apple Music. As someone who loves music, I have no regrets subscribing. It’s worth every monthly charge of $10. I also subscribe to Apple News. I love reading about guitar players and all things guitar (especially acoustic), even though I am a novice guitar player. Using Apple News, I read Guitar World, Guitar Player, and Guitarist. From those magazines I learn about all kinds of amazing guitar players and beautiful guitars.

How many of us are getting through these COVID-19 days by listening to music? 

The music of Twanguero (Diego Garcia) is amazing. I am listening to the album called Pachuco. I love Twanguero’s guitar playing. I am going to work on seeing him live.

When They Were Lost

Screen Shot 2019-11-16 at 8.48.23 AM

“I add my own love to the history of people who have loved beautiful things, and looked out for them, and pulled them from the fire, and sought them when they were lost, and tried to preserve them and save them while passing them along literally from hand to hand, singing out brilliantly from the wreck of time to the next generation of lovers, and the next.”

From the book The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

Painting by Edward Hopper Morning Sun 1952

I’m Painting Again

Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 1.02.55 PM

I’m painting, I’m painting again.
I’m cleaning, I’m cleaning again.
I’m cleaning, I’m cleaning my brain.

Pretty soon now, I will be bitter.
Pretty soon now, will be a quitter.
You can’t see it ’til it’s finished

I don’t’ have to prove…that I am creative!
All my pictures are confused
And now I’m going to take me to you.

Song: Artists Only
Album: More Songs About Buildings and Food
Sung by Talking Heads
Songwriters: David Byrne / Wayne Zieve
Painting Pink Window of Time by Rebecca Harp