Scott 1000 Toilet Paper – Kimberly-Clark

Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 6.16.30 PM

I personally think there is something fishy going on at Kimberly-Clark regarding their “Without Pattern” Scott 1000 Toilet Paper. Why? Because prior to COVID, I could always find and purchase the Scott 1000 toilet paper “”Without Pattern.” I think the “Without Pattern” is one-ply. Every store I go into now doesn’t have the “Without Pattern” toilet paper. The stores only carry the Scott 1000 that has “three different patterns.” The “patterned” toilet paper (aka QUILTED) rolls might have less sheets (I still have to count a roll of quilted to see if it has 1000 sheets) and is much thicker. Which means it gets used up faster. Or perhaps I’m supposed to use less per use because it’s thicker? Forget that! If I wanted to use quilted toilet paper, I would have started buying different brands over 20 years ago. Yup – that is how long I have been a LOYAL CUSTOMER, LOYALLY using the Scott 1000 “Without Pattern” toilet paper.

Today I called Scott Brands (877) 856-7268 and spoke to Customer Service. This is where I learned that there are four kinds of Scott 1000 toilet paper:

  1.  Without Pattern
  2.  Different Pattern #1
  3.  Different Pattern #2
  4.  Different Pattern #3

So even though there are four different types of Scott Brand 1000 toilet paper, Scott says they do not differentiate between the four styles to stores when stores are ordering the Scott 1000 toilet paper from Kimberly-Clark. They could at least differentiate the “Without Pattern” from the “Different Pattern.” It seems incomprehensible that Scott doesn’t give stores a choice between the two when stores order.

When I look on the internet to order some, I always look at the surface of the toilet paper in the photo (see photo above), and there is always a pattern; it’s never “Without Pattern.” I have been looking for months.

I don’t think they really make the “Without Pattern” toilet paper anymore. Is it too expensive to make and the Patterned toilet paper is cheaper to manufacture/more profitable? I just want Kimberly-Clark to be transparent if they are no longer making it.

What do you think?

If you find some online in the United States, let me know. If I hear from Kimberly-Clark, I will update my post. Thank you.



Tied To The Whipping Post


My friends tell me
That I’ve been such a fool.
And I have to stand down and take it babe,
All for lovin’ you.
I drown myself in sorrow
As I look at what you’ve done.
Nothin’ seems to change.
Bad times stay the same
And I can’t run.

Sometimes I feel
Like I’ve been tied
To the whipping post.
Good Lord I feel like I’m dyin.’

Song by Gregg Allman

Rolling Stone and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame consider Whipping Post of the 500 best songs of all time.

All My Friends: Celebrating the Songs and Voice of Gregg Allman is a wonderful CD.

David Bowie: The Picasso of Rock and Roll

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 8.09.54 PM

Hard to imagine how Iman and Lexi are coping. They can feel our love though.

And, David Bowie’s son Duncan tweeted a telling blog post written by Dr. Mark Taubert, a palliative care doctor. Read it here.

  • I am hoping that some videos were made of David Bowie while he was recording Blackstar.
  • The exemplary music of Blackstar was made by a creative genius who was 69-years-young. What other musicians of this age have made such a successful collection of music? 
  • The Blackstar album is a million times more meaningful than other CDs because it was David Bowie’s goodbye message to his fans!

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 8.24.08 PM


David Bowie—Some Of Your Questions, Answered

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 12.39.25 PM

Here are some great links, tons of information about Bowie that might answer some of our questions. Well, they answered lots of mine.  Singing Word on a Wing – Bowie’s talented pianist, Mike Garson, posted this link in Twitter  Bowie’s last public performance  A song Mike Garson wrote for David Bowie  Interview with Lazarus’s musical director, Ivo van Hove  David Bowie’s Playboy interview A blog about David Bowie songs​  Share your memories about David Bowie  The last months of Bowie’s life

p.s. Sorry about how this looks. I don’t know HTML and can’t straighten out the spacing…UGH!

Colectivo Coffee Roasters and Cafe

Colectivo on Monroe Street in Madison, Wisconsin, is one of my favorite places to get coffee. When an employee made me a caffeine drink (I can’t remember what he made me!), it looked like this and I almost wept from the beauty of it:

collectivo_2258 blog

Ok, so YOU have received drinks like the endless times before—I haven’t! This was my first time!

While sitting-in-the-cafe-writing-Haiku (ewww?), I ate a delicious breakfast burrito:

collectivo_2259 blog

collectivo_2132 blog
This is my son at Colectivo, who, in case you were wondering, could care less about my blog.

What I also like about this Colectivo is how it’s decorated. It’s cozy. There are all kinds of chairs, couches, tables and a fireplace. The glass walls slide open. It’s very pleasant. I know I like it because it reminds me of a loft I’d like to live in.

I am also, unfortunately, obsessed with the bathrooms. I love the design of the communal sinks and paper towel holder.

collectivo_1716 blogcollectivo_2260 blog

Colectivo Coffee Roasters and Cafe
2530 Monroe St
Madison, WI 53711
(608) 630-8930

Naf Naf Grill in Madison, Wisconsin

I like going to restaurants. I walked by Naf Naf Grill on State Street in Madison, Wisconsin and decided to eat there. Naf Naf is called the “Chipotle of Middle Eastern food,” and I agree. The service was excellent and the food was fantastic. I’m on a diet so I won’t be able to go there often but I LOVED EVERY BITE of my falafel hummus bowl:

naf naf_2441 blog

They slather hummus on the bottom and sides of the bowl, then put five falafels on top. I choose purple cabbage salad, chopped salad, and pickles for garnishes and fire sauce for the finish. The pita bread was perfect. When you put all of these different tastes in your mouth, they are delectable!

A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara


I don’t recall how I heard of the book A Little Life (probably from The New Yorker magazine) but I ordered it from the library. Because it’s a new book (published March 10, 2015), the library is only giving me two weeks to read it. That means I need to read around 65 pages a day. Well, I did not read my daily allotment and today need to take it back to the library. But I already put it on hold again. I might buy it. I am addicted to it. Jeez, I need to read it; I need to finish it. The last book I read was The Goldfinch and after I read that, it was hard for me to read anything for awhile—I started watching the TV show Mad Men instead.

Hanya Yanagihara: Fantastic book!

The Goldfinch #thegoldfinch

goldfinch 0227 blog
Cool cover, right?

“The absurd does not liberate; it binds.” 

– Albert Camus from The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

I was number 600-something to receive the library book The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. When I went to the library the book was there. Turns out the library has a special stash of books that people can check out if they come into the library. So I checked this puppy out. But I found out that the book is one I want to own and I want to take my time reading it. I have also been flagging some special sentences to use in this blog. When I start flagging many pages, I know it’s a book I need to own. I won’t want to take it back to the library every two weeks and re-check it out to myself. It’s 717 pages too! Which is not a problem for me, but I just need to be able to savor it. I don’t want the book to end. I’m on page 144. A couple days ago I ordered a used copy from Amazon and it has already shipped! Today I’m returning the book to the library.

Tomatoes #tomatoes

It’s that time of the year again where I’m going to have “Tomato Talk” with you. This year I decided to plant six plants because last year when I only planted four plants, two of them didn’t do well and I had a sucky tomato harvest. Now that I grow my own tomatoes, I can’t stand to purchase them. A box of cherry tomatoes at the store is $3.99.

With my six plants, I harvest the tomatoes every day or every other day. If I wait too long to harvest, the tomatoes start getting rotty (is “rotty” a word?).

Here is how I freeze tomatoes.

This is a day’s harvest of tomatoes:

tomatoes_0226 blog

Getting them ready to be washed in a colander:

tomatoes_0191 ch blog

I wash them and cut the tops off where they attached to the stem:


I cut the larger tomatoes into quarters or sixths. I leave the cherry tomatoes whole. I don’t take skins or seeds out:

tomatoes_0202 blog

Then I scoop them into quart-sized freezer bags:

tomatoes_0200 blog

And off they go into the freezer:

tomatoes_0203 blog

In the fall and winter we make tomato sauce. We just throw the frozen tomatoes into the pan and cook them, adding whatever we want to supplement the sauce.

Well, time for a Death’s Door Martini!

And time to harvest more tomatoes.

Hope you had a great three-day weekend!



Proper Encouragement #annpatchett #deathsdoor

deaths door 0443 blog

“Was it possible that, in everybody’s lymph system, a nascent novel is knocking around? A few errant cells that, if given the proper encouragement, cigarette and gin, the requisite number of bad affairs, could turn into something serious?”  

Ann Patchett  This Is The Story of a Happy Marriage

On my way home from the store with my friend in the passenger seat.  In case I haven’t made it clear, my favorite alcohol is Death Door’s Gin.  Death’s Door products are made in Wisconsin.

Happy Day!

Gardening Advice From Elizabeth Gilbert’s Sister #GilbertLiz


flowers_0161 blog 2

“How do you decide what to plant? My sister gave me the best advice ever: Find a nursery you like and go there every week from May through September. Whatever’s in bloom that you like, take home three pots (mostly perennials) and stick it in the yard. Next year you’ll have a garden that has something in bloom every week from May to October.”  

Gardening Advice from Elizabeth Gilbert’s sister

I am SO going to do this next year!!!