What Does It Mean To Me?

“Doing what’s meaningful — acting on what really matters to a person — is the antidote to burnout…Face what’s happening. What does it mean to me? What really matters to me now? Is there a way I can act upon what’s meaningful to me?” — Daniel Goleman

Children of migratory Mexican field workers. The older one helps tie carrots in the field. Coachella Valley, California. Photograph by Dorothea Lange


Own It

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“Take whatever weird little opportunity you can find and own it.”

Tara Schuster, author of Buy Yourself the Fucking Lilies

I read an article by Tara and my interpretation about the article is this: If you don’t have much to do when you start a new job, or you don’t feel like you are qualified, how can you stay busy, improve things, or show your worth? “Take whatever weird little opportunity you can find and own it…Best case scenario: someone cool will notice. Worst case? You’ll know and take pride, even if the task sucks.”

We can apply this to NOW in our personal lives. Take the time to call someone who you haven’t spoken to in awhile and get caught up. Cuz some of us certainly have the time.


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“When we take a real vacation – in the true sense of “holiday,” time marked by holiness, a sacred period of respite – our sense of time gets completely warped. Unmoored from work-time and set free, if temporarily, from the tyranny of schedules, we come to experience life exactly as it unfolds, with its full ebb and flow of dynamism – sometimes slow and silken.”

For Evelyn.

Photo by Arnold Genthe

Do The Job

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Photo by Pete Souza.

“He had the intellect and discipline to do the job, the temperament to endure everything that would make it hard, and the rare degree of empathy that would keep him tuned carefully to the country’s needs. He was also surrounded by good, smart people who were ready to help.”

— Michelle Obama, from her book Becoming