Jung Garden Center

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That’s it for me. Instead of dilly-dallying around buying seeds at Target or my local grocery store, I’m heading for Jung Garden Center. They have at least 30 different kinds of pumpkin seeds and even more varieties of corn. I bought beet, lupine, and sunflower seeds.

Corn #corn

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My husband is making dinner tonight. We are having corn and salad. I asked my husband why he threw the corn husks on our back lawn. I didn’t think any animals would want to eat the husks. He said, “Don’t worry about it. When I mow the lawn the husks will be pulverized.”

Oh, ok!

Now I’m going to:

1. Go outside and pick tomatoes.

2. Iron my clothes for work tomorrow.

3. Make and start drinking a martini.

4. Make salsa from the tomatoes.

5. Make lunch for work tomorrow.

6. Do dishes.

7. Watch the movie Bridesmaids with my son. (Yes, my son is verrrrry cool!)

Here is our delicious corn:

corn_0160 blogHave a wonderful summer night!