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Proper Encouragement #annpatchett #deathsdoor

14 Aug

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“Was it possible that, in everybody’s lymph system, a nascent novel is knocking around? A few errant cells that, if given the proper encouragement, cigarette and gin, the requisite number of bad affairs, could turn into something serious?”  

Ann Patchett  This Is The Story of a Happy Marriage

On my way home from the store with my friend in the passenger seat.  In case I haven’t made it clear, my favorite alcohol is Death Door’s Gin.  Death’s Door products are made in Wisconsin.

Happy Day!

Steve’s Wine Beer Spirits #StevesMcKee #deathsdoor

24 Nov

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I would like to thank Steve’s Wine Beer Spirits in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, for selling me Death Door’s Gin for $24.99 instead of their usual price of $28.99.  Sometimes I am just too tired and weary to drive 4 miles out of my way in the night after work to another store for the $24.99 price.

deaths door gin

Thanks, Steve’s!  You are a great store and have excellent customer service!

p.s.  Death’s Door Gin is my favorite gin of all time!!!!!!


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Gin Martini with Death’s Door Gin #deathsdoor

14 Jun

martini_8554 blogNothing like having a Death’s Door gin martini on a Friday night to wind the week down and celebrate the weekend!

Death’s Door Gin #deathsdoor

2 Nov


Death’s Door Gin…good while it lasted.

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