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Bloody Deer Antlers

5 Oct

deer_2355 blog

My husband photographed these deer in our back yard. He was especially thrilled to get a shot of the whitetail buck deer with bloody antlers. A fuzzy velvet covers the whitetail’s antlers. The deer removes the velvet by rubbing his crown on saplings and shrubs, thus the blood. Ick.

I had to look up the whole bloody velvet antler process on the Internet. I did not just automatically know this. I’m a city girl. Don’t you forget it.


17 Apr

deer_0035 blog

“I like California but I’m dyed-in-the-wool Oklahoman. I see a deer in L.A., and everybody’s standing around it taking pictures. Back home, that’s the enemy!”

Blake Shelton

I agree with Blake.  Here in Wisconsin, deer are our enemies.  Ever have one hit your car?  You can get hurt, your car is damaged or out of commission for awhile, and your insurance rates go up.  Stressful!

Garnet Hill Sheets #GarnetHill

31 Mar

sheets_0016 blog

I really love my country scene Garnet Hill flannel sheets.  I bought these sheets over 10 years ago and use them sparingly.  All of my guests love them.  I made the deer pillowcases – appropriate for New Jersey and Wisconsin – they are 100% cotton and cozy too.


The content of this post was not generated to make money.  I am not being paid for this content.

Faux Hunting #deerhunting

1 Dec

hunter_1498 blog

When in Wisconsin, do as other Wisconsiner’s do!  

Would we have done this when we lived in New Jersey?  NO!  Anyway, we “faux” hunt.  The gun and jacket are borrowed.  The first and last time we will do this.  We like being in nature.

We are not fond of deer – they are very dangerous.  Have you ever hit one with your car?  And they are full of tics.  Have you ever gotten lyme disease?  They are very pretty and everything, but add extra stress to our lives.

p.s.  Jasmine, this is my backyard.  See how good that green picnic table would look?

Wisconsin and New Jersey Deer #deer

28 Aug

deer wi nj blogThe Wisconsin deer was photographed in my front yard.  The New Jersey deer was photographed in our friends backyard – 18 miles from Manhattan.

Which deer is tougher?

Deer #deer

25 Feb

deer_8208 ch blogMy husband and I were driving home and counted 60 deer near our house.  Here are some of them.  The most deer we ever saw at one time was 80 deer near the interstate in Chester, New Jersey!

Deer Burrowing In Snow #deer

28 Jan

deer steve's tree_8105 ch blogWhen we are asleep, deer hang out in our yard.  The red dots show where the deer lay around.  You can see their footprints in the snow.

Deer #deer

23 Nov

It’s deer hunting season in Wisconsin.  We don’t hunt, but it’s a very common past time here.  I shot this while driving down a country road while lots of hunters were out and about.

Deer #deer

5 Nov

This is the best kind of deer to have in your headlights.

Deer #deer

13 Sep


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