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We Look Divine

15 Sep


Hey babe, your hair’s alright.
Hey babe, let’s go out tonight.
You like me, and I like it all.
We like dancing and we look divine.

Song Rebel Rebel by David Bowie.


We’ll Buy Some Drugs

13 Sep


With you by my side, it should be fine.
We’ll buy some drugs and watch a band,
Then jump in the river holding hands.

Song Candidate by David Bowie.

Get It Here

9 Sep

Los Angeles, 1974.

If you want it, boys, get it here, thing.
‘Cause hope, boys, is a cheap thing, cheap thing.

Song Sweet Thing by David Bowie.

The Centre Of Things

7 Sep

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 11.44.33 AM

Will you see that I’m scared and I’m lonely?
So I’ll break up my room and yawn, and I
Run to the centre of things.

Song Sweet Thing by David Bowie.

It’s Safe In The City

5 Sep

OMG. I love his shoes. Wish I were in the front row.

It’s safe in the city to love in a doorway.

Song Sweet Thing by David Bowie.

Shot in 1974 at Los Angeles’ Universal Amphitheatre.

Come Out Of The Garden

1 Sep


Come out of the garden, baby.
You’ll catch your death in the fog.
Young girl, they call them the Diamond Dogs.

Song Diamond Dogs by David Bowie.

Diamond Dogs album cover art painted by Guy Peellaert.

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