Antique Store Couch Fabric #fabric

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I really enjoyed looking at the fabric on this couch of the “antique store” while I was in the thrift store.

If I lived in the right place for it, I would have bought it.  I hope it finds a happy home.  It’s exceptionally hideous.  Wish fabric was still made with prints like this.

How To Cover An Ottoman #ottoman

I have an ottoman but the top of it was thrashed from children, dog and adult use for the last 13 years.

The top of it was really getting on my nerves.  It looked beat-up and I don’t want my furniture to look beat up.  I don’t have the finances to get it reupholstered.  I did research on the internet on how to recover it.

Red areas show wear

I decided that I didn’t need to make a cover that would go to the ground, because the ottoman has a nice looking skirt.

The fabric, which you will see better in a moment, is by Waverly and is called Gemma (I think).

I washed the fabric first.

It this photo you can see that the skirt still looks good.  How do you measure to figure out how much fabric to buy?  You measure from wherever the ends of the fabric will hang, and add 1-2 inches.

You make one measurement from one side to the other side of the ottoman, and another measurement from the other end.  I drew arrows above so you can see what I am talking about because I am probably not explaining it very well.

Let’s say the measurements are 76″ x 54″.  The final measurements would be 77″ x 55″, because you are adding one inch all around.

You lay the fabric right side down, and pin all the corners.  Here is a close-up:

Pin all four corners so it’s a snug fit.  Then using a basting stitch, sew all four edges.  Then bring the cover back to the ottoman and put it on, right side out, to see how it fits.  If it’s too loose, you can take out the basting and resew it so it fits better.

My ottoman is lopsided and I can’t make all the edges line up (long story), so the cover doesn’t fit perfectly.

Here is a lopsided edge photo:

I sewed a fancy border all around the hem of the cover.  It took forever to pin the hem and sew the border, but it was fun too!

Here is the finished product:

I bought the fabric at Jo-Ann Fabrics.  I was really happy when I discovered the outdoor canvas fabric and they had a huge selection.  It was also on sale – 50% off!  I bought 1.25 yards for $13 including tax.  I was very happy with this price and the quality of the fabric.  Normally it was $19.99 a yard.

I might buy a cheap ottoman at Target and recover it, because I need one more ottoman for our living room!

This is our Jack Russell Terrier on the new ottoman cover!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Quilted Pillowcases #quilt

I decided that I didn’t want to make a quilt because I don’t need one.  I already have enough bedspreads in my house.  But what I really need is more pillows on our deep couch to support our backs.  I have extra bed pillows and decided to make pillowcase covers for my extra bed pillows.

And then I will put them all on my couch and it will be super psychedelic! 

It was really fun to choose the fabric.  I used 5″ squares.  For each pillowcase I used 6 squares across and 4 squares down.  Each pillowcase is lined.

Here is the first one I made:

I had a “friend” who sent me an email after I moved to Wisconsin.  She said that

every time and and her girlfriend see cows or cheese on a TV commercial, they think of me. 

Well, that was a major faux pas (MISTAKE) to say that to me.  What an insulting generalization!  And, at the time I had only lived here for one year.  I was really pissed off that they would say something so shallow.  So I didn’t answer their email for a couple years.  All I got out of their faux nice, long email was that

they now associated me with cows and cheese.  Ugh!!! 

Couldn’t have been a worse insult to a city girl like me.

Oops, is this post supposed to be about quilts, sewing, and being creative?

Well, then why do I have the farm fabric?  I was being rebellious and bought it.  The other cute fabric of a fisher boy and girl swinging is from my mom.

Here is the lining:

I bought some bug fabric in New Jersey and thought that some day I would make my son a quilt with a bunch of bugs and animals on it but of course that never happened.  So, I put the bug fabric inside the pillow.  Cute, huh? And the bug lining has nothing to do with the outside of the pillowcase.

The green pillowcase is slightly annoying but it gives me pleasure somehow.

Here is my second pillowcase:

When you quilt it’s important to use your favorite fabrics that mean something to you.  The troll/gnome/elf fabric is from Nick & Nora pajamas that my mom gave me.  There is a lot of troll merchandise in Southern Wisconsin, so I thought it would be perfect to cut up the jammies and use them for this purpose.

The lining I used for this pillowcase is a navy blue flat sheet from Lands’ End.  I had bought a queen sheet set from them and the fitted sheet never fit our bed properly, even thought I measured everything before purchase.  And to make things even more annoying, the flat sheet was huge for the bed!  It was really annoying to put that fitted sheet on our bed and one end of it only partially covered our mattress.

I couldn’t take it anymore and sent the fitted sheet back to Lands’ End and got my money back. 

And then I was stuck with a big flat navy blue sheet.  It felt really good to rip it up and turn it into a lining for a pillowcase.

Although I do think it’s more fun to use fabric with a print on it as a pillowcase liner.

Rag, rag, rag!

If I need some more pillows, I found these cute pillows in a local store:

I love the logo:  Grandma’s Jumbo.

I love the print colors of the pillows – they have green, yellow and blue.

The pillows are nice and plump!

I’ll post the next pillowcase I make.  It’s in the works already.

Thanks for reading!