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Fuzzy’s Tacos in Madison, Wisconsin #fuzzystacos

8 Jan

fuzzy's_7967 blogFuzzy’s Taco Shop is one of the better Mexican restaurants in Madison, Wisconsin.

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

3519 University Avenue

Madison, WI  53705



Grilled Cheese #grilledcheese #llfoods #verona

16 Sep

My favorite Wisconsin cheese on a soon-to-be grilled cheese sandwich.  It’s fun to photograph food with nice colors and patterns.


My favorite everyday cheese is Bucky Badger Calico by L&L Foods in Verona, Wisconsin.

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Delicious Zucchini Bread #zucchinibread

12 Sep

Saturday I made zucchini bread for a barn party.

I couldn’t believe I put the zucchini loaf on my windowsill (like in a movie from the 1940’s), but I needed it to cool off quickly because I was late for the party.

Here is how it looked after we ate some of it:

It’s weird to put a vegetable in a dessert.  I picked a big zucchini from my garden and ground it up in the food processor.  It’s the zucchini in the post with my dog.  Bye bye zucchini but many more where that came from…

Here is the recipe.  It makes two loaves:

It’s from a recent Penzey’s recipe, but I cut way down on the sugar of the original recipe.  Between the chocolate chips, applesauce and bananas, it only needs one cup of sugar.  If you have not heard of Penzey’s, it’s a fabulous spice, herb and seasoning store.


The content of this post was not generated to make money.  I am not being paid for this content. 

Red Onions At Metcalfe’s In Madison, Wisconsin #redonion #metcalfes

11 Aug

These were the most gorgeous red onions my mom and I had ever seen! 

They were seen at the wonderful grocery store Metcalfe’s in the Hilldale Shopping Center in Madison, Wisconsin.

Metcalfe’s is an excellent grocery store to purchase groceries, order from their deli or salad bar.  Classy place!  Can’t go wrong!


726 North Midvale Boulevard  

Madison, WI 53705


Zucchini July 14, 2012 #zucchini

14 Jul

When I went to water my veggie garden this morning, I picked this wonderful 15 inch zucchini, my first one of the season.  I photographed it on the floor of my office.

Then I put it on my stairs to bring up next time I go upstairs.

I’ll be you have never seen a photo of a zucchini on carpeted stairs before, so here it is:


Oregano #oregano #dehydrator

14 Jul

Here is my beautiful oregano that I grew and harvested myself. 

One of the best investments I have ever made is a dehydrator to dry out the oregano.  I lay the oregano on the shelves of the dehydrator, plug it in and it dries the oregano in around 24 hours.  I haven’t really timed it.  I keep checking it every few hours.

Saveur Magazine #saveur

18 Jun

Nothing like getting two issues of Saveur in the mail!  Great cooking magazine, in case you haven’t read it.

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