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I Paint License Plate #licenseplate #paint

8 Feb

i paint license plate_9588 blog


Well, I tried to shoot this while my husband was driving but it’s not very sharp.

For those of you who do.

Groovy #groovy

5 Dec

groovy 1_9542 blog

We are the Groovy Ones!

And so is the person who owns this license plate!


Wisconsin License Plate #licenseplate

2 Oct

license plate_9358 blog


4 Apr

persevere_7481 blog

“If you are going through hell, keep going.”  –  Winston Churchill

What Do You Think? #licenseplate

17 Nov



Good For You! #licenseplate

8 Nov


15 Oct


p.s.  I’m back from my trip.  Happy Monday!

Wisconsin License Plate #licenseplate #wisconsin

21 Sep

Yup #licenseplate

31 Aug

I Am #licenseplate

8 Jul

Wisconsin has very clever license plates, or if they aren’t clever, I like them because of their message!

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