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The Meaning

25 Feb


“There’s a condition I call “altruistic panic,” where you feel like you have to do something for someone somewhere. If life only has the meaning you bring to it, we have the opportunity to bring rich meaning to our lives by the service we do for others. It’s a positive thing.”

— Harold Ramis

Painting by Kenne Grégoire

(Mr. Grégoire, your paintings are sublime. I hope it’s ok that I used your painting on my site. Thank you.)


Be A Good Guy

27 Nov


Life And Death Matter

1 Dec

angel 005 blog

“If you treat every situation as a life and death matter, you’ll die a lot of times.”

Dean Smith

Fall In Love

9 Jun

“You may feel stuck – trapped in a bad relationship, grieving over a divorce, miserably and interminably single – but it is in your power, and your best health interest, to choose joy.  Okay, so you can’t find romance.  Or your soul mate doesn’t feel the same way about you.  But you can put yourself in the path of happiness.  You can fall in love with life.”  – Lesley Dorman

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