Naf Naf Grill in Madison, Wisconsin

I like going to restaurants. I walked by Naf Naf Grill on State Street in Madison, Wisconsin and decided to eat there. Naf Naf is called the “Chipotle of Middle Eastern food,” and I agree. The service was excellent and the food was fantastic. I’m on a diet so I won’t be able to go there often but I LOVED EVERY BITE of my falafel hummus bowl:

naf naf_2441 blog

They slather hummus on the bottom and sides of the bowl, then put five falafels on top. I choose purple cabbage salad, chopped salad, and pickles for garnishes and fire sauce for the finish. The pita bread was perfect. When you put all of these different tastes in your mouth, they are delectable!

Graze Restaurant in Madison, Wisconsin #GrazeMadison

graze_8501 ch blogGraze Restaurant has seasonal menus with locally grown foods by small-scale farmers “who are treated as our most honored partners.”

Graze is a restaurant that never serves a bad meal.  I can bring people there from out of town and know that they will be pleased.

I went there for lunch the other day.  This turkey sandwich and cup of creamed cauliflower soup cost only $7.00!

That is an excellent price!

And the restaurant is in a cool building and its decor reminds me of Soho, New York.  So I am very happy to go there at any time.

Another thing I would like to say is I’m glad they no longer have white cloth napkins because they shed on my black clothes.  Now they have dark blue napkins that don’t shed at all!


1 S. Pinckney St
Madison, WI  53703
608 – 251 – 5000

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Taqueria Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant in Madison, Wisconsin

As you know, I’m a sucker for great Mexican food.  Last summer I finally stopped by Taqueria Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant in Madison, Wisconsin.  If I haven’t made this clear before, if I post about a restaurant, it means I recommend it.

taqueriaguadalajara_6826 blogThere are a lot of Mexican people in Madison, but not really many good Mexican restaurants.  In Manhattan there aren’t many Mexican people, and there aren’t many good Mexican restaurants.   Anyway, they gave me two different kinds of salsa and green and yellow chips.  Yum!

taqueriaguadalajara_6828 blogI gotta have my Diet Pepsi with Mexican food when I go out.  But I rarely drink soft drinks.  The Valentina hot sauce was great!  I love hot sauce!

taqueriaguadalajara_6827 blogThis delicious dish is cheese enchiladas with Verde sauce.



Taqueria Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant

1033 South Park St, Madison, WI, 53715

608-250-1824 or 608-335-5914


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Madison Children’s Museum in Wisconsin #playatmcm

I shot this last summer when I was wandering around downtown Madison.  I scoped out the Madison Children’s Museum for my niece.  She lives in California and when she comes to Wisconsin, we are coming to this wonderful museum.  I was enthralled by the felt art display above the trash area.  It visually showed what items they compost.

It’s all felted and is a masterpiece! 

Because I shot this last summer, I am not sure if it’s still hanging there.  I shot it with my iPod so the quality is not as good as I’d like.

felting_0419 blog

Madison Children’s Museum
100 N. Hamilton St
Madison, WI  53703

Tipsy Cow in Madison, Wisconsin #tipsycow

Tipsy Cow has some of the best hamburgers in Madison, Wisconsin.  YUM!!!  I came here with my friend Jo.  It’s near the Capitol building.

Entrance to the Tipsy Cow
Entrance to the Tipsy Cow

Here is the inside:

The chalk board has all kinds of humorous stuff on it.
The chalk board has all kinds of humorous stuff on it.

Here is the burger I ordered.

I only used a little bit of the mayo. I didn't use the whole thing!!!
I only used a little bit of the mayo. I didn’t use the whole thing!!!

And here are the delicious onion rings that come with their own sauce!

It is really hard for me to look at this photo without wanting to devour these!
It is really hard for me to look at this photo without wanting to devour these!

Tipsy Cow
102 King St
Madison, WI  53703


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Quilt Expo 2012 Madison, Wisconsin – Part 2 #quiltexpo #nancyzieman

To view Part 1 of my quilt photos from Quilt Expo, click here.

Here are more glorious quilts.  I went on their web site and there are photos of the winning quilts so I have included the quilt creators’ names when I can.  But I took photos of a lot of quilts that did not win awards, but they won the Critic Housewife award.  Next year I hope to include everyone’s names.

First Place Hand Quilted Bed Size – Country Charm, Sharon Berger, La Crosse, WI

Third Place Hand Quilted Bed Size – Reflection/Refraction, Janet W. Wayne, Madison, WI

Kay Franzen, Delavan, WI
Detail of quilt below

This quilt is made with selvages. This quilter must have a ton of fabric!

This quilt was the Viewer’s Choice Award.  Turtle Bay, Claudia Pfiel, Krefeld, Germany
You can see the scale of Turtle Bay here.

Quilt Expo 2012 Madison, Wisconsin #quiltexpo #nancyzieman

On September 7, 2012 I went to the fabulous Quilt Expo in Madison, Wisconsin.  On the Nancy Zieman show I think I heard her say that 72,000 people attended.  Quilting is HUGE here in Madison.  I saw tons of people in buses unloading and going into the venue.  It cost $6 to park and $7 to get a ticket to go inside.  If you don’t bring a snack, it will cost at least $7 to purchase food at the concession stand.  It’s worth every penny!  Viewing all the machine and hand-made quilts in person were migraine inducing!  The details…oy!

Love the scalloped edges.

The turtle and rabbit is one of my favorites.  Unfortunately I am very bad about giving credit to the quilt makers, but here you can see from the tag it’s by Barbara McKie of Lyme, Connecticut.  Here is the detail:

Bryce Canyon is by Susan Jackan of Madison, Wisconsin.

Here is a detail photo:

It’s funny…speaking of migraines…I have one right now!  It…really…sucks!

This was quite amazing to see in person.  Here is the detail:

Here is the detail – Second place:

Starry starry night

The Buddha quilt was one of my favorites.

You can buy this kit. Loved it!

My dog was just barking in a really annoying way and I screamed,”Get into your quilt!”  Instead of, “Get into your crate!”

This quilt was a big hit!  Here is the detail:

A masterpiece!


Very special!  Third place by A MAN:  Mark L. Sherman, Coral Springs, Florida.  Called Bounty. Here is the detail:

So, so good!

This is pretty amazing.  It looks very three-dimensional, doesn’t it?  Here is a detail:

Wow is all I can say…

I hope you have enjoyed these as much as I have.  I will do another post of other quilts hopefully tomorrow when my migraine is gone.  I just get so excited to share with you!

Thank you for looking at my Critic Housewife Blog!  xoxo