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Piece of Fruit

7 Apr

apple_7694 ch blogI photographed this piece of fruit in Malibu.  Is it an orange?  Embarrassed to say I don’t know!  The tree was in a pot and was very small.  Let me know what it is once it’s ripe.

Spanish-Style Houses

6 Apr

malibu house_7711 blogI would love to live in a Spanish-style house high in the hills of Los Angeles or Malibu, California.


Malibu Clouds #malibu

16 Mar

clouds malibu_7772 ch blog


24 Jan

peace_7917 ch blogI love peace signs!  Shot in Malibu, California.

Buddha In Malibu #buddha #malibu

15 Dec

buddha_0893 blogShot in Malibu, California.

Malibu California Sunset #malibu

13 Dec

malibu sunset_7572 blogIt’s nice to see a sunset somewhere other than Wisconsin!

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