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Your Sweet Love

23 Jan


“It ain’t the gettin’, it’s the wishin’;

It ain’t the catchin’, it’s the fishin’.

Anticipation got me waitin’ for your sweet love, baby.”

Sweet Love song sung by Trisha Yearwood


Color All My Dreams

20 Jan


“The shadow of your smile when you are gone

Will color all my dreams and light the dawn.

Look into my eyes my love and see

All the lovely things you are to me.”

The Shadow of Your Smile—Music by Johnny Mandel and lyrics by Paul Francis Webster 1965

Cold Grey Light

18 Jan


“No, there’s nothin’ quite as lonely

As the cold gray light of gone.”

Vince Gill song—Cold Gray Light of Gone

You’re Better

15 Jan


“You’re better for it. I’m not.”

How does this apply to your life?

The Cloud Knows

10 Jan


“If snow falls inside a cloud, only the cloud knows.”

—Josef Albers

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