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Somebody Up There Likes Me

14 Jan


Iman posted this to her Instagram account on January 10, the one-year anniversary of David Bowie’s passing. What a fantastic double rainbow shot, and love the dramatic lighting. Good capture. Wonder if she shot it herself, from the balcony of where they live in Soho? It’s a feel-good, hopeful photo.

Somebody Up There Likes Me lyrics by David Bowie

He’s so divine, his soul shines.
Breaks the night, sleep tight.
His ever loving face smiles on the whole human race.
He says, “I’m somebody.”
He’s got his eye on your soul, his hand on your heart.

Somebody up there (somebody) likes me.
Nothing left his eye unmoved. He
Had the plan, he had to use (somebody).
He’s so divine, his soul shines (somebody).
Breaks the night, sleep tight (somebody out there, somebody).
His ever loving face smiles on the whole human race (somebody, somebody, somebody, somebody out there).

I’m That Tired

7 Dec

Locals walk the streets of Madison Square near the Flatiron Building.

The Flatiron by WW Rock, 1918

I Thought Of Ma

17 Mar

Photograph A Wet Foggy Day by John Beeby, New York, 1899

It was cold and it rained so I felt like an actor.
And I thought of Ma and I wanted to get back there.

Song Five Years by David Bowie

Somebody People

13 Mar
nyc 1900

Prince Street, NYC, 1900. Near the neighborhood where David Bowie lived.

All the fat-skinny people, and all the tall-short people
And all the nobody people, and all the somebody people
I never thought I’d need so many people

Song Five Years by David Bowie

Keep Busy

28 Nov
Empire State Building, New York

Empire State Building, New York; Lewis W. Hine (American, 1874 – 1940); New York, New York, United States; 1931; Gelatin silver print

“In times of great stress or adversity, it’s always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive.”

– Lee Iacocca

Quite a photo; from The Library of Congress.


Anything Can Happen In Life

8 Nov

hudson ny747 blog final

Winter Is Not A Season

17 Dec


“Winter is not a season, it’s an occupation.”
― Sinclair Lewis

  • Title: Two towers–New York
  • Creator(s): Stieglitz, Alfred, 1864-1946, photographer
  • Date Created/Published: 1914.
  • Public domain photograph from the Library of Congress

One Open Manhattan Window #manhattan

14 Oct

new york window_9086 blog

Ghost Bikes #ghostbikes

1 Sep

My sister Ellis told me about white bikes – Ghost Bikes – that are all over Prospect Park.  They represent a person who was hit or killed in that vicinity by (most likely) a vehicle.  When we went to Manhattan, we saw this one:

white bike_9106 blog

white bike_9106 blog detail

It was sombering.

Here is more info about Ghost Bikes.

Brownstone in the West Village – Manhattan #brownstone #manhattan

20 Aug

brownstone_9095 ch blogWas walking around in the West Village in Manhattan with my husband.  Love this brownstone.  Even prettier in person!

Stalzy’s Delicatessen in Madison, Wisconsin #stalzysdeli

6 Jan

I’m glad I don’t live near Stalzy’s Deli because I would go there every day and gain a bunch of weight.  I read about it this weekend in The Ithsmus (have not memorized how to spell this newspaper’s name yet but after five years of living here I know how to pronounce it).  The article was “What is Madison’s #1 Reuben?”

What is Madison’s #1 Reuben?  I didn’t even know there WAS such a thing! 

My son and I LOVE pastrami sandwiches.  The best ones are in New York at Katz’s Delicatessen and other places in Manhattan.

I read through the article and the writer said the best Reuben in Madison was at Stalzy’s.

So, lucky for me and my son – my husband wanted to go there and we went there for lunch before visiting the Chazen Museum of Art.

I split The Rachel sandwich with my son.  “Your choice of pastrami or turkey pastrami, swiss, creamy slaw, Russian dressing on rye.”  The meat is cured there, and the bread is also made there.  Here is my half of my pastrami sandwich before I chomped into it:

stalzys_8067 blog

I wish them many, many years of success!  I will be contributing to it!

Stalzy’s Deli

2701 Atwood Ave

Madison, WI  53704



The content of this post was not generated to make money.  I am not being paid for this content. 

Making A Quilt #quilt

1 Jul

I have started cutting the pieces for a quilt.  I have a lot of fabric that I want to make a couple of quilts out of.

There is something satisfying to me when I cut 5″ squares over and over again.

(Not sure what that means psychologically and DON’T TELL ME.)

Now, I said I was cutting the pieces but I do not know when I will start sewing the pieces together because during the week my full time job is looking for a full time job.

It’s fun to choose exactly how I want the print centered on the fabric.  Yes Mom, these are the Nick and Nora pajamas you bought me years ago!  I hope you don’t mind that they now have a different purpose.

The elf/gnome/troll motif is popular in Wisconsin.

This Venice, Italy print is from a skirt that I used to wear to work when I commuted to Manhattan.

This print is also from a skirt I used to commute in daily to Manhattan.  I still love the retro print.

This print is especially garish.  If you know me, which you don’t know me very well yet, you know I love garish, tacky things.

That is why my web site is kinda tacky. 

I really am not into fabric prints of little kids picking apples and the little girl has angel wings kinda stuff.

This print makes me especially jubilant!  Doesn’t it make you feel that way?  And very Wisconsin-centric!

I have a stock pile of Vera Neumann linen calendars, napkins and place mats and I am going to make a quilt out of all of them!

If you haven’t heard of Vera Neumann, you can Google her yo’self.

Yup.  I’m gonna chop these suckers up and it will be so satisfying!

If you want to buy all of these from me, then I won’t cut them up. 

This is a sweet little napkin (from a set of 4) that, yes, Mom you gave it to me!  I still have the matching table cloth and will not be cutting that up!

These two linen napkins are especially lovely because they depict how I feel.  At first unhappy because I haven’t sipped my martini yet, and then very happy because I downed that sucker!

p.s.  I cannot believe that it is already July 1!!!

Buddha Butter Dish

13 Feb

I think this butter dish is so cute.  I loyally use my Fiesta butter dish that I have been using for at least 10 years.  My sister Heather read this post and bought me this butter dish! www.broadwaypanhandler.com!

Buddha Butter Dish $21

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