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3 Dec


If I Give My Soul by Billy Joe Shaver

Armillary Sphere Garden Ornament #armillarysphere #sculpture

30 Sep

sculpture_1248 ch blogMy husband bought this armillary sphere sculpture a few years ago.  I have always liked it, and was in our garden the other day and liked it from this angle so I took a photo of it.

It’s a very positive sculpture, don’t you think?

p.s.  I didn’t know what an armillary sphere was before I looked it up this morning!  Here is what Wikipedia says it is:

“An armillary sphere (variations are known as spherical astrolabearmilla, or armil) is a model of objects in the sky (in the celestial sphere), consisting of a spherical framework of rings, centred on Earth, that represent lines of celestial longitude and latitude and other astronomically important features such as the ecliptic. As such, it differs from a celestial globe, which is a smooth sphere whose principal purpose is to map the constellations.”

So there.  Now you learned something.

Walnut Tree Sculpture #treesculpture #swarovski

18 Sep

tree sculpture_8901 blogI came home and my husband showed me the walnut tree sculpture that he made.  I actually loved it!  It’s like the tree is wearing an earring.  I told him I would like to glue Swarovski crystals on the steel rings so the crystals would sparkle for miles around and people would say, “Where are those sparkles coming from?”  (p.s.  Because of the wind it was hard to get a shot of all the rings facing the same direction so you could see all of them.)

What do you think the rings are from?

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